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Metal Pipe Laser Cutting Machine For Home & Office Furniture

Abstract: Are you looking for metal pipe laser cutting machine for home & office furniture? check the article to find the best way for buying metal laser tube cutting machine

Modern furniture, sofa, table, chair & bed, are becoming popular nowadays in our daily life and office, they can provide some very necessary convenience & comfort to us, but also decorate our living & working environment in a very unique style.

Many furniture are made of metal materials, such as stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, etc.

Stainless steel pipe fittings are widely used for legs of metal furniture, such as the stainless steel round tube, square tube, galvanized rectangular tube, this, undoubtedly, requires complex processes for modern metal furniture, including cutting, punching, bending, deburring, etc.

In the past, some different processing equipment are required to carry out the processing, such as sawing machine, drilling machine, punching machine, bending machine, etc. However, some problems arise in steel furniture manufacturing, such as complicated working procedure, difficult tube processing, poor processing precision, low efficiency and high human cost.

The traditional processing method can no longer meet the current production capacity requirements of the furniture industry.

laser cutting technology, owing to its overwhelmingly advantages in working efficiency & cutting accuracy, provides the best solution for cutting metal materials and fiber laser tube cutting machine thus become the best solution for furniture industry.

Working Video of Metal Pipe Cutting Machine

Advantages of Metal Tube Laser Cutting

Compared with the traditional processing method, tube laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

*High Speed & Working-efficiency

The cutting speed & working efficiency of fiber laser machine is much higher than oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting and other traditional processing, laser pipe cutting machine can be adjusted according to these deformation, which is also more than many traditional processes.

*Excellent Working Performance

The machine takes Germany IPG fiber laser which is characterized of big cutting capacity, long service time and top quality performance. Different cutting works by one single machine, no burr and perfect cut edges after cutting, further deburring or polishing is not necessary.

*Easy Operation

Rich graphic library in the CNC controller, which can be withdrawn for cutting directly, no programming is required; the labor cost is greatly reduced and the production efficiency is significantly improved.

*Advanced Functions

JeesunCNC tube laser cutter is equipped with advanced functions: flying cutting, frog jumping, 3D stereo correction, servo adjustment support, non-inductive perforation, automatic centering, etc, which enable the machine the capability to meet all kinds of working requirements during tube processing.

*High Intelligence

Perfect connection with EMS intelligent cloud data management system for intelligent manufacturing throughout the whole process;

*Wide Application

high-speed and high-quality laser cutting on various types of pipe profiles, including round pipes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, channel steel, angle steel, waist tubes, etc.

Tube Laser Cutting Projects

Metal Pipe Cutter Machines Suitable For Furniture Industry

JeesunCNC provides a variety of solutions for metal laser cutting. From high-end metal laser tube cutting machine which is equipped with automatic feeding & unloading system for mass production, to entry level sheet and tube laser cutting machine which is ideal for small businessman.

Some laser machines recommended for metal tube cutting in furniture industry are as follows:

JeesunCNC, as a dedicated manufacturer & supplier, can provide different kinds of metal pipe cutting machines for both industrial-purpose & home hobbyist, please feel free to contact us, if you have any inquiry over fiber laser tube cutting machine, our sales-team will reach you with the best solution very soon.

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