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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Differnt kind of aluminum laser cutter machines are available for aluminum and other metal materials, this CNC laser machine is a special CNC metal cutting machine which integrates advanced CNC technology and top rated IPG fibe laser for metal fabrication. It can realize automatic program & nesting work for any complicated project ideas. Owing to its outstanding advantages of high precision & efficiency, easy operation and excellent performance, aluminum laser cutter is ideal for home hobbyists and industrial fabrication.

Working Video

Advantages of Laser Cutting Aluminum

1).High precision
The laser cutting has small kurf and smooth cutting surface with no burrs, and the cutting deformation is small.
2).Fast speed
The power of fiber optic device affects the cutting speed, the speed can be increased by bigger fiber laser power.
3).High efficiency.
The laser cutting is non-contact process, which does not generate the wear of cutting tool, and no subsequent processing is required.
4).Flexible cutting.
Laser cutting, combined with CAD technology, can cut sheet metal of any shape size, especially for cutting of complex parts.
5).Esy operation.
Cutting can be carried out after importing graphical setting parameters into the computer, it is easy to learn.
6).Low maintenance
Almost no maintenance costs in the later period, only need to replace the cooling water regularly.

Machines for Laser Cutting Aluminum

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