Our Advantages

Jeesun CNC advantage

Jeesun CNC is what you can’t see on your configuration sheet or quotation. But it is crucial to the performance of the CNC machine. A high-quality CNC machine is not only high in configuration, but its production process should also be scientific and standardized. Conversely, a highly configured machine cannot perform its best performance if its production process is unscientific. In this case, high configuration becomes a waste

Machine Advantages

  • Made-to-order service is available upon actual working requirements;
  • Reliable main parts from top brands all over the world which have excellent performance, such as YASAKAWA servo, IPG fiber laser, Hypertherm plasma cutter, YYC rack pinon, etc.
  • Fine processing of machine structure by 5 axis machine center to guarantee the high precision;
  • Various treatments including heat treatment, aging-treatment, stress-relief treatment, etc
  • Standard assembling procedure to make the running stable & precise;
  • Strict testing & inspection to avoid any possible failure during working.

Service Advantage

  • Made-to-order & customization service to meet individualized needs;
  • Production progress report at any time for customers by production engineers;
  • Dedicated after-sales team to provide professional & timely after-sales and technical support;
  • 7x24h service & support by phone, Email, WhatsApp and other online tools;
  • Customs clearance & shipping can be arranged if necessary;

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