CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC plasma cutting machine is a quite necessary machine tool for metal fabrication, are you looking for cnc plasma cutting machine for your workshop but have no idea of which is the best plasma cutting machine available? or do you want to diy cnc plasma cutting machine but nowhere to start? Check and review the buyer guide on 2022 best cnc plasma cutting machine for sale. As a professional manufacturer & supplier, we can provide different kinds of affordable cnc plasma cutter machines within your budget for metal fabricators, metalworkers, beginners and hobbyists, to meet your working requirements for fast & precision metal fabrication indifferent fields.

What is CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

cnc plasma cutting machine, also known as cnc plasma cutter, plasma metal cutting machine, is a kind of metal cutting machine which controls the movement of precision machinery through computer and servo system. It takes Hypertherm plasma cutter which generates high-temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporate) the metal at the workpiece incision, and uses the momentum of high-speed plasma to eliminate the molten metal to form the incision, so as to achieve fast and accurate cutting of any graphics.

Plasma CNC cutting machine integrates the advantages of high-speed plasma and high-speed plasma Numerical control technology, computer software, hardware technology, plasma thermal technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech.

CNC Plasma metal cutter can be divided into different types in terms of the machine structure, eg., portable cnc plasma cutter, cnc plasma cutting table, gantry CNC cutting machine, cnc plasma pipe cutting machine, etc.

Advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

1).Excellent Cutting Quality

Non-contact cutting technology, which does not damage the workpiece nor squeeze the products. The cutting quality is excellent with no burrs, and further manual polishing is not required, saving many unnecessary processes and optimizing the labor intensity.

2).No Mold Investment to Reduce Production Costs

The CNC plasma metal cutter can directly manufacture various hardware workpieces. It does not require molds, thus saving much investment & processing costs, especially suitable for large -scale production.

3).High Cutting Accuracy & Effectively to Improve Productivity

The CNC plasma cutting technology, as the replacement process of “cutting-punching”, has the characteristics of high precise, flexible and efficient, and can effectively process various complex parts. Make cutting graphics and import it into the control system, cutting works can be carried out according to the program, which directly shortens the manufacturing cycle and effectively increase the working efficiency.

4).Low Maintenance Cost & High Cost-effective

Plasma metal cutting machine is characterized of stable running, excellent performance and long lifetime, it can work continuously and is not easy to damage, thus has great advantages in the later maintenance.

5).Fast Cutting Speed & Optimized Working Environment

cnc plasma cutter machine has high cutting speed with low noise and no dust, it will not produce harmful chemicals to the human body and the environment, ensuring the clean and tidy production site and reducing the further investment and pollution.


ModelCNC plasma cutting machine
Working sizeupon actual working requirements
Cutting modePlasma cutting, optional oxyfuel cutting
Plasma cutting thicknessUpon plasma source & materail
oxyfuel cutting thickness2-200mm
Running speedMax.
Running precision±1.5mm/m
Positioning accuracy±0.3mm
Auxiliary device4th rotary attachment, drilling system, water table, etc.
Working voltage380V/3P/50HZ

Plasma Metal Cutting Sample

How Much Does A Plasma Cutting Cost?

The cnc plasma cutter machine is composed by different modulars, such as structure, driving system, transmission system, cutting system, nesting software & control system, etc. So, the price differs much depending on actual requirements and configurations. Generally, the price of CNC plasma cutters range from $4,000 to $20,000. Besides, some extra charges & fees will have to be taken into consideration for overseas customer, including shipping costs, tax, customs clearance, etc. If you want to buy cheap cnc plasma cutter, please feel free to contact us for price detail.

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