4000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This 4000w fiber laser cutting machine takes China Raycus or IPG fiber laser and is an ideal solution for metal fabrication, it is characterized of excellent performance, high precision & efficiency. Are you looking for 4kw laser cutting machine for your workshop? stay with us fo find the best machine here for your work.

Features Of 4kw Laser Cutting Machine


Specification Of 4000w Laser Cutter Machine

Model4000W fiber laser cutting machine JSF-1530 series
Working size1500*3000mm/200*4000mm/2000*6000mm/2500*6000mm, etc.
laser power4000w fiber laser
Max accelerated speed1.2G
Graphic format supportedCAD, DXF, etc.
Max. working Speed120m/min.
Cutting accuracy±1.5mm
Positioning accuracy±0.03mm
Re-positioning accuracy±0.03mm
Working voltage380V/3P/50HZ

What Can 4000w Laser Cutter Machine Cut

The 4000w fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for high precision cutting works of different metal materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, pickle plate, aluminum-plating Zinc plate, metallic copper and other metals.

4kw Fiber Laser Cutting Parameters

MaterialCarbon steelStainless steelAluminumIronBrassNon-ferrous metal

4kw Laser Cutting Projects

What is the 4kw Fiber Laser Price?

The price of 4kw fiber laser cutter is mainly determined by different factors, such as main configuration(eg. IPG fiber laser, Cypcut controller, etc), actual model, etc. Generally, the 4kw laser cutting machine price ranges from 35,000 USD to 50,000USD. Some extra charges will have to be taken into consideration for oversea customers, including sea shipping cost, customs fees, taxes, etc.

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