CNC H Beam Coping Machine

Do you want to improve the working performance of cutting steel beams? are you looking for some alternmative H beam cutting machine which has higher cutting efficiency & advanced funcitons? Here the CNC h beam coping machine is recommended for your work, stay with us fo find the best way to cut steel beam.

All-in-one Solution for all kinds of steel profiles, with high automation, easy operation and excellent performance.

What is Beam coping?

Steel beams, as an important component in steel structure, will have to go through some processings before they are ready for work. Coping steel beams, undoubtedly, is quite important during the structural fabrication process. So, it is quite necessary to understeand the exact meaning of coping beams.

Coping beams is mainly used in the fabrication of structural steel, tube profiles & plates, it refers to the process of making cutouts or notches at the flange or web of the steel beam so that different beams can fit well with each other tightly to form the steel structure.

Coping beam steel, when operated manually, still remains as a tough job due to its strict requirements & complicated drawing. With the introduction of CNC technolgy & automatic mechanic, however, it becomes easier for coping beam section with much higher working efficiency. H/I beam CNC coping machine remains as an ideal structural steel cutting machine in different metal fabrication fields.

Advantages of H Beam Coping Machine

Different kinds of machine tools can be well applied to cut beam, such as manual cutting with handheld gas torch, saw machine, etc. Comparatively, H beam CNC coping machine has distinctive advantages as follows:

1).Dedicated System & Software

Highly intelligent control system & nesting software to provide advanced functions with easy operation;

2).High Automation & Efficiency

Complete production line with automatic loading & unloading system, minimizes labor cost & maximizes working effiicency.

3).Capacity to Cut All Profiles

The I beam coping machine is an all-in-one solution for various profiles, including H/I beam, channel steel, angle steel, T bar, steel tube & plate, etc.

4).Advanced Functions

The CNC beam cutting machine takes Auto CAD drawing, which can be applied directly on the industrial computer or connect with computer via USB, it is characterized of simple modeling, fast cutting, Tekla supported, etc, thus different works, such as hole cutting, profile ends cutting, bevel cutting, marking, can be carried out by the same one machine..


ModelH beam plasma coping machine
Effective cutting length6/12m(can be customized)
Web size range100mm-1400mm (can be customized)
Cutting thicknessFlame: 6-100mm;  plasma: upon actual plasma source
Cutting speed10-6000mm/min.
Cutting accuracy±1.5mm
Positioning accuracy±0.3mm
Repeatability accuracy±0.02mm
Bevel cuttingFlame cutting: Max.60°, plasma cutting: max.45°
Max loading capacityMax.3.5T

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