Multi-purpose H/I Beam CNC Cutting Coping Machine for Architecture and Structural Engineering

This i beam cutting machine from JeesunCNC can be used for different steel sections, including H/I section beam, C channel, angle steel, etc. The steel I beam coping machine has advantages of high efficiency & advanced functions, thus the cnc beam cutting machine is the ideal & best way to cut i beam & other profiles in structural engineering.

This CNC H beam cutting machine is fully automatic CNC metal cutting machine specially designed for cutting steel beams and other profiles, the whole beam coping machine is composed of raw material storage rack, feeding car, conveying roller bed, feeding trolley and trolley tracks, cutting unit, discharging unit, finished product storage rack, dust removal device, console station, etc. H beam, I beam and other profiles can be conveyed through the conveying roller to the cutting station and transported to the next station after cutting. Two kinds of cutting modes are available for the machine: plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting, different kinds of materials can be cut. This CNC beam cutting machine takes Auto CAD drawing, which can be applied directly on the industrial computer or connect with computer via USB, it is characterized of simple modeling, fast cutting, Tekla supported, etc, thus different works, such as hole cutting, profile ends cutting, bevel cutting, marking, can be carried out. The beam cutting machine provides the best best way to cut steel i beam and other profiles, thus is widely used in building wall, web structure, steel structure, marine engineering, recreational facilities, fitness equipment and other industries.

H Beam Cutting Video:

Techinical Parameters:

NameCNC H Beam Coping Machine
Profile typesH beam, I beam, channel steel, angle steel, etc.
Effective cutting length12m(can be customized)
beam sizeweb height: 100mm-1500mm, flange width: 100-600mm(can be customized)
Cutting modePlasma/flame cutting
Cutting thicknessFlame: 6-60mm;  plasma: upon actual plasma source
Cutting speed10-2000mm/min.
Moving speed10-6000mm/min.
Cutting accuracy±1.5mm
Positioning accuracy±0.3mm
Repeatability accuracy±0.02mm
Bevel cutting45 °
Max loading capacity3.5T
Power supplyAC380V/50HZ, 3-phase(customized)

H-beam Cutting Machine Details:

1).Raw-material storage rack, roller bed and feeding mechanism

Function: providing storage area for raw material and feeding material for further cutting;
Structure: mainly composed of roller frames, driven rollers and side positioning wheel, profiles will be conveyed to the datum line after loaded onto roller frame to guarantee the feeding accuracy, then lifting and moving cars will convey profiles to the cutting roller station.
Features: compact structure, simple running, high feeding accuracy & working efficiency.
2).Feed-in trolley & trolley track

Function: to realize the automatic feeding of the workpiece.
Structure: A servo motor is used to control the feeding trolley to complete the pipe positioning and clamping device. Different pipes are lifted and lowered by the AC motor to drive the clamping device to reach the pipe positioning point to be pneumatically clamped.
Features: Intelligent clamping, saving labor. The trolley track uses accurate guide rails and racks, and the feeding is stable and accurate.
3).Cutting unit:

Function: cutting of different profiles through control by cnc system;
Structure: mainly composed of C shape mechanical arm, station frame, cutting system, etc. The unit is fixed onto the cement foundation for high precision and high speed cutting;
Features: outer axes are driven by servo motors through high precision linear guide rails to guarantee the running accuracy of the whole system and to transform the complicated cutting path into simple multi-directional fitting path, the moving in different directions are simple and stable.
4).Finished-product discharging station and storage area

Function: discharging and storage of finished products;
Structure: composed of roller frame, driving roller and AC motor conveying mechanism, finished products will be conveyed by motor via cycle chain out of material platform, then discharged by roller car for further storage;
Features: remote station, high working efficiency and labor saving.
5).CNC control system

*Scientific human-machine interface, easy to operate;
*Intuitive 3D intersecting imaging;
*Dynamic cutting simulation;
*Quick automatic positioning, pause and speed adjusting;
*Cutting path return and re-cutting function;
*Automatic alarming display and automatic diagnosis;
*Online and offline programming;
*information-exchanging with outer via U disc;
*One-time cutting of multi-pipes.
6).Hypertherm plasma source

High quality plasma cutter from top rated suppliers, such as USA Hypertherm, Germany Kjellberg, etc, which have big cutting capacity & excellent performance. Plasma cutting machines of different powers can be provided in accordance with the actual material & cutting thickness.

Cutting Steel Beams Projects:
h beam cutting h beam plasam cutting project cutting square tube with plasma cutter

CNC Beam Coping Machine Application:

Applicable Material:

This h beam cutter machine is specially used for cutting i beam with plasma of intersecting mouth shape, hole opening and any other any intersecting overlap forms on various profiles, including H-beam, I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, etc.

Applicable Industry of beam coping machine:

The cnc beam plasma cutting machine can be widely used for coping i beam & cutting steel i beams in different industries, including shipbuilding, construction, transportation equipment, aerospace industry, bridge building, military industry, wind power, structural steel, boiler container, agriculture machinery, elevator, environmental protection equipment, etc.

Packaging & Delivery:


FAQs About H beam cutting machine:

Q: I have no idea of the CNC H beam cutting machine, How can i decide which is the best machine to cut beam?
A: Our sales-team will communicate with you over working requirement and provide the best instruction, You just provide further detail as follows:
1).Type of your profile, round, square/rectangular, channel steel, H beam or others?
2).Material of your profile
3).Dimension of your material, including diameter range, length, wall thickness, etc
4).Max.cutting thickness & most common cutting thickness
5).is bevel cutting required?
Q:How can i check the machine quality & working performance?
A: You are welcomed to our factory whenever your time permits, also, you can ask your representative or partner here for you, will arrange discussion with technical team & inspection of the cutting performance. Besides, online technical service & support is available, our engineer will provide live video show around the factory and send the sample pictures and videos you want.
Q:What is the warranty time for the machine?
A: 2 years guarantee for the whole machine since delivery, during warranty period, any faulted part will be replaced for free, Not include consumables.
Q:How is the training policy for oversea customers?
A:User manual of different language venison will be sent with demo CDs & other document which will provide detailed training instructions on operation, maintenance, etc. Also, free training service can be provided. Your workers can get trained for free in our factory for 1-3 days, if on-site training & maintenance service are required, We will arrange local service within 48 hours.
Q:If the machine fails to work during use, how to do then?
A:Our after-sales team are available 7x24h for any problem during use, they will help judge the problem & provide troubleshooting via different means, including phone call, Whatsapp, Email, Skype, etc. Also, door-to-door service can be provided, if you need.

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