Plasma H/I Beam Cutting Projects

h beam cutting
h beam plasam cutting project

H/I beam cutting and coping are necessary jobs for steel structure and other engineering fields, but coping steel beams is complicated and requires much technique. CNC h beam cutting machine, as one of the best way to cut steel I beam and H beam, provides an ideal solution for constructural steel fabrication, it is a dedicated cnc coping machine integrating CNC control system and top-rated plasma source, such as USA Hypertherm plasma cutter, etc. The CNC beam coping machine has overwelding advantages over tradtional peocess owing to its unique characteristics of high automation, excellent performance, high working efficiency, thus is widely used in metal fabrication, such as steel structure, ship-building, pipeline, machinery, etc.

I Beam Cutting Coping Video

Advantages of CNC Beam Coping Machine

1).High cutting speed & working efficiency, production efficiency is more significant especially when high-power plasma source is taken;
2).Excellent cutting quality with smooth surface, narrow cutting kurf & small heat affected zone;
3).Advanced cutting functions of 2D &3D bevel cutting;
4).Low production costs are low. Due to the fast speed & inexpensive cutting gases such as nitrogen, the running cost is pretty low.
5).Can be used for different profiles, including round, square, rectangular, oval, channel steel, angle steel, H beam, etc.

Machine Recommended For Cutting Coping Steel Beams

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