8 Axis Automatic Tube Profile CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Sale

This tube plasma cutting machine is specially used for square, rectangular & beam profiles, it is characterized of advanced functions, high efficiency & widely application, thus cnc plasma tube cutter is ideal for metal fabrication. Reliable parts from world top-rated suppliers are taken to guarantee the working performance.

Plasma CNC Tube Cutting Video:


CNC Tube Plasma Machine Feature:

1).The large square tube machine structure with an integral welded bed body, which has undergone deformation treatment and precision machining to ensure the smoothness and big loading capacity.

2).The CNC tube cutting machine adopts an industrial personal computer(IPC) system controlled by ETHERCAT bus. The system comes with cutting modules for different profiles, which can be directly accessed and used. By inputting cutting requirements and material parameters, cutting operations can be directly carried out without programming. Capable of supporting tekla modeling (additional single paired nested parts need to be specified during procurement)

3).Industrial grade explosion-proof five-wire resistance touch screen, fully shielded, anti electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference, and synchronized 3D display and cutting.

4).The front and rear chucks adopt a pair of dedicated square chucks with self centering function. During cutting, the four claws work synchroniouly, and the cutting gun can skip the square chuck to the end of the rear chuck for cutting to achieve zero-tailing cutting function.

5).The swinging gun shaft adopts a TCP mechanical structure, the A-axis and B-axis ensure a smooth and stable cutting without shaking, ensuring high cutting accuracy;

6).The cutting gun is equipped with a strong magnetic suction anti-collision function. When cutting, it will alarm and detach from the magnetic suction arm in case of collision to avoide damage to the mechanical structure and cutting gun;
7).Unique synchronous support system can provide precise support to avoid sagging deformation caused by excessive material length

8).Top quality parts & components to ensure long service life and excellent performance, such as Hypertherm plasma cutter, Yasakawa servo, Hiwin guide rail, etc;

Techinical Parameters:

Name8 axis tube profile CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for sale
Diameter rangeRound: Φ60-630mm(with bevel cutting);

Square: 60-400mm(with bevel cutting);

H beam: 100-400mm(no bevel cutting);

Channel steel: 100-400mm(no bevel cutting);

Angle steel: 100-400mm(no bevel cutting);

Pipe length6m/12m(customizable)
Cutting modePlasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting
Cutting thicknessIn terms of plasma source
Cutting speed10-6000 mm/min
Moving speed0-8000 mm/min
Working precision0.1mm
Reposition precision0.03mm
Max loading weight5000Kg
Quantity of axis8 axis
Bevel cutting angle±45°
Ambient temperature-10 º C – 45 º C
Ambient humidityLess than 80%, no condensation.
Power supply380V± 10%, 50Hz, 220V± 10%, 50Hz

Plasma Cutting Tube Projects:
cnc plasma square tube cutting project 1 cnc plasma square tube cutting project 3

Plasma Profile Cutting Machine Application:

Applicable Material:

This CNC tube plasma cutting machine can be used for a variety of profiles, including round, square, rectangular, angle steel, channel steel, H-beam, etc.

Applicable Industry:

The cnc tube cutting machine can be widely used for metal fabrication in different industries, including shipbuilding, construction, transportation equipment, aerospace industry, bridge building, military industry, wind power, structural steel, boiler container, agriculture machinery, elevator, environmental protection equipment, etc.

Packaging & Delivery:


FAQs About CNC Tube Cutting Machine:

Q: I have no idea of the plasma tube profiling machine, How can i decide which is the best machine for my work?
A: Our sales-team will communicate with you over working requirement and provide the best instruction, You just provide further detail as follows:
1).Type of your profile, round, square/rectangular, channel steel, H beam or others?
2).Material of your profile
3).Dimension of your material, including diameter range, length, wall thickness, etc
4).Max.cutting thickness & most common cutting thickness
5).is bevel cutting required?
Q:How can i check the machine quality & working performance?
A: You are welcomed to our factory whenever your time permits, also, you can ask your representative or partner here for you, will arrange discussion with technical team & inspection of the cutting performance. Besides, online technical service & support is available, our engineer will provide live video show around the factory and send the sample pictures and videos you want.
Q:What is the warranty time for the machine?
A: 2 years guarantee for the whole machine since delivery, during warranty period, any faulted part will be replaced for free, Not include consumables.
Q:How is the training policy for oversea customers?
A:User manual of different language venison will be sent with demo CDs & other document which will provide detailed training instructions on operation, maintenance, etc. Also, free training service can be provided. Your workers can get trained for free in our factory for 1-3 days, if on-site training & maintenance service are required, We will arrange local service within 48 hours.
Q:If the machine fails to work during use, how to do then?
A:Our after-sales team are available 7x24h for any problem during use, they will help judge the problem & provide troubleshooting via different means, including phone call, Whatsapp, Email, Skype, etc. Also, door-to-door service can be provided, if you need.

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