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Can a plasma cutter cut wood? The answer is obviously no, actually, not only wood, non-metal materials like glass, plastics, PVCs or even some metals like manganese, lead, tungsten and tin cannot be cut by plasma cutter.

Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. The material must be electrically conductive to react to the ionized gas coming from the torch. wood isn’t electrically conductive, thus it cannot be cut with a plasma cutter, it expains can a plasma cutter cut wood. So is the same story to wood, glass, plastics, PVCs and some poorly conductive metals 

What Materials Can You Cut With Plasma?

Materials that are electrically conductive can be cut by plasma cutter, some examples are as follows:

*Mild steel

*Stainless steel




*Other ferrous (iron-containing) and non-ferrous materials

plasma cutting aluminum sample

CNC Plasma Router Combo

This, unfortunately, happens to be a hard situation for some fabricators, who have had cnc plasma tables under working in their workshop, but still much works concerning woodworking coming from market. They will have to think about another machine seriously, eg, CNC router, but that can be a big burden as the cost of another cnc router will be pretty high.

Some guys try to convert cnc plasma to router, frankly this sounds like a good idea, but it requires experienced skill with rich technical background, otherwise it will end up to a totally failure, even loss of the cnc plasma cutting table.

eesunCNC CNC plasma router combo machine can be a good solution.

Different from the cnc plasma table with router attachment which is simply add another spindle on the cnc plasma machine, this cnc plasma router table is more advanced machine integrating both CNC router machine and cnc plasma table, it is quite versatile in functions but much competitive in price, ideal for home hobbyist & entry level fabricators.

Advantages Of CNC Router Plasma Table

cnc router wood cutting

This combo machine has much advantage which are obvious as follows:

1).Both CNC plasma and CNC router are integrated on the same machine base, which enable the machine the capability of multiple-functions and wide application for metal & non-metal materials, advanced function but low cost, best solution for entry level user or home hobbyists;

2).Heavy duty machine table welded by strong tube & steel plates and goes through strict stress relief & aging treatment to reduce welding residual stress, no deformation after long service time, thus the high-precision running & excellent performance can be well guaranteed;

3).Two sets of independent function modular are available: plasma cutting system, including Starfire CNC controller, plasma torch, torch height controller(THC), plasma power source(60-200A), etc; The CNC router system, including RichAuto hand-held controller, 3.5kw air cooling electronic spindle, etc.

Multi-purpose CNC Router Plasma Combo Table For Sale

4).Different worktable for the 2 function modular: aluminum profile worktable for CNC router and water table with sawtooth for CNC plasma cutting. The workbench of CNC router is placed just above CNC plasma countertop, and its unique movable design.makes it possible to shift in accordance with different working requirement, eg, when cutting steel plates on the plasma table, the CNC router table can be moved aside to make room for CNC plasma cutting, thus greatly increasing the working efficiency.

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