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Plasma Laser Cutting Machine Price: 6 Major Factors That Matter

Price is always an weighing factor for buyers when they are in the market for metal laser cutting machine, Unfortunately, they will get puzzled of What is the cnc plasma laser cutting machine price and thus cannot choose the very best metal laser cutter machine for their work.

Actually, the price varies greatly between different models, the price difference of even the same model are sometimes huge, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to some hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why the cnc plasma laser cutting machine price varies so much?

CNC plasma laser cutter machines from different suppliers have almost the same functions & appearance, but the machine configuration are very different even opposite, which have great impact on the working performance and price, some of them are as listed below:

Main Parts Of CNC Plasma Laser Machine

CNC Controller & Software

cypcut control system
plasma laser cutter cnc controller

CNC controller is the commander of the cnc plasma and laser cutting machine and controls the running of the whole machine, the function & stability of CNC controller determines the working performance, different options are available such as China CYCUT, Germany Beckhoff, etc. Whiles the nesting software can optimize the cutting program to save the material cost and increase the working efficiency, different options are also available.

Plasma Laser Cutitng Machine Structure

There are much differences in machine structure, such as cast steel structure, heavy duty welded structure, light duty welded structure, etc, which have direct impact on the running precision & service life of the whole machine.

Fiber Laser Generator & Plasma Power

There are much difference between plasma cutting and laser cutting, among them, the cutting power is a major one: plasma power source & fiber laser generator, which have quite different working performance & running cost. Regarding the difference between plasma and laser cutting, they are mainly used in different fields.

Jeesun CNC plasma laser cutting machine integrates both laser cutting and plasma cutting on the same cnc laser machine which can be shifted quickly for different materials, greatly reducing the running cost & expanding the application. Top rated fiber laser generator & plasma power from different supplier can be provided, also, different power/models are available, such as:

-Fiber laser generator: Germany IPG & China Raycus/Maxphotomatic, ranging from 500w-12000w
-Plasma power: USA Hyperthem & China Huayuan, etc, ranging from 45A-200A

Driving Motor & Driver

yaskasa servo motor system
CNC plasma laser machine servo system

Driving system, including motor, driver and reducer, provides power force for the running of the whole machine. Different options are available for cnc plasma laser cutter, eg.:

Japan YASKAWA/Panasonic/Fuji servo system, Taiwan Delta servo system, China Leadshine Servo system, Taiwan Delta driver, China stepper system, etc.

Relevant Costs Concerning CNC Plasma Laser Cutter

For overseas customers, Some other factors that affect the price of cnc laser plasma cutting machine should be taken into consideration, including:

Shipping Cost

Regarding the overall packaging dimension, sea shipping is generally taken for the CNC plasma laser machine, and the sea shipping cost changes much from different countries & destination ports, also, sea shipping schedule will have impact on the shipping cost, It is recommended to consult different local forwarders to find the best solution;

Jeesun fiber laser cutting machine project
plasma laser cutting project

Tax Rate & Customs Fee for plasma laser cutter

Tax rate & customs fee are another 2 costs that will have to be considered, actually different countries have different policies on taxes & customs, and the cost detail can only be available form local administrative department;

Other Related Cost for CNC plasma laser machine

Conclusion On CNC Plasma Laser Cutting Machine Price

Generally, the cost of cnc plasma and laser cutting machine ranges from 15,000USD to 50,000USD, depending on actual configuration & model. Even though, price is not all for the machine, more attention should be paid to quality & function to find the best plasma laser cutting machine that fully satisfy your own working requirements.

As a professional CNC laser cutting machine manufacturer, JeesunCNC can provide various kinds of solution & OEM service for different customers. Please feel free to contact JeesunCNC and provide further requirement as below, our sales engineers will revert very soon with the very best solution concerning cnc plasma laser cutting machine for your reference:

  • What kind of material do you want to cut?
  • dimension of the plate or your required working size
  • max cutting thickness & most common cutting thickness
  • Is the ability for tube laser cutting required?

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