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Plasma Torch Height Controller: Working Principle & Troubleshooting – JeesunCNC

The plasma torch height controller is a quite necessary device for the best cnc plasma table. It can significantly optimize the quality of plasma cutting and improve the cutting speed. However, many users do not know much about the automatic torch height controller, and they cannot handle problems properly that occur during the use of CNC plasma cutting, which, undoubtedly, affect the working performance of the whole machine.

How does plasma torch height control work? Why is it so important and how to deal with the problems? Here we discuss some tropics concerning the THC and hope it can provide some necessary reference for the users.

Why Torch Height Control For Plasma Cutting

The cutting quality and cutting accuracy are 2 main standards to evaluate plasma cutting, they are directly related to the distance from nozzle to the plate, When 5×10 plasma table is applied for sheet metals, it is very hard to adjust the distance by hand because the plasma cutting speed is fast and the working requirement of distance between the nozzle and steel plate is pretty high. When the distance is too big, the cutting effect is very poor, sometimes the plate even cannot be cut through. When the distance is too small, on the other hand, the electrode or nozzle is easily burnt. At the same time, plasma arc beams are harmful to human eyes, and people cannot stare at it for long time. Therefore, THC must be equipped for CNC plasma cutting machines.

plasma cutting aluminum sample

How Does Plasma Torch Height Control Work?

Plasma torch height controller(THC), also known cnc plasma torch height controller, is kind of arc voltage tracking control system which has advantages of powerful functions and simple operation. During the plasma cutting process, it carries out real-time monitoring of arc voltage value between plasma cutting electrode and the steel plate through the arc pressure sensor, and automatically adjusts the up-down movement of cutting torch according to the change of the arc voltage to ensure the constant distance between nozzle and steel plate by the constant arc voltage value. The torch height control for plasma cutting can effectively solves the problem of the height gap caused by the incarnation and deformation of the plate surface, so that to guarantee the consistent cutting width and the stable cutting quality.

Functions of CNC Plasma Torch Height Controller

1).Initial positioning function:
After the nozzle of cutting torch is in contact with the material, the arc height and the torch height of the CNC plasma cutter accurately increased within the millimeter range.
2).Automatic tracking function of arc pressure:
The height of cutting torch is constant during the whole cutting process with the help of arc pressure sensor, Even if the steel plate is uneven, the cutting can still be carried out, and the constant torch height guarantees a high-level cutting quality.

3).Automatic cutting and plate edge recognition function:
The edge of the plate is allowed to increase the utilization of materials and reduce waste. At the same time, it can effectively protect the torch and cut the mouth, thereby extending its service life.
4).Setting of the reference value of the arc voltage through the keyboard;
During the cutting process, the setting value of the arc voltage is adjusted, so that the tracking height in the cutting process is adjusted to facilitate the obtaining better cut quality;
5).Using a linear bearing lift mechanism, once the force of the cutting gun is over the range of the plate, the lifting mechanism will slip without damaging the machinery.

plasma THC

How to Adjust The Plasma Torch Height Controller

1).Test Whether The Manual Height Control Is Normal

Press the manual rising and down button on the THC to check whether the motion of the cutting torch is correct; press the manual rising button when the torch reaches the upper limit. The torch should decrease; press the manual down button at the lower limit point at the lower limit position of the torch.

At this time, the torch should not go down. Then press the lifting button. The torch should rise and will not cause the system errors. If the torch cannot rise or fall, first check whether the torch is in the upper and lower limit position. Finding the limit switch failure should be replaced in time, otherwise the motor damage will be increased due to the switch failure.

2).Initial Positioning Test

Press the initial positioning button on the THC. At this time, the plasma cutting torch should move downward at the set speed. The movement of nozzle will stop after it touches the steel plate and then rise at the set speed to the appropriate arc height. The arc height is usually 1.5 ~ 2 times that of the cutting height. Users can adjust the positioning time according to the actual cutting experience to change the arc height to achieve the best cutting quality on the premise of reducing consumer damage.

3).Arc Pressure Test

press the initial positioning button on the THC to lift the torch to the arc height. Press the arc pressure testing button on the THC to start arcing. Observe the real -time arc voltage value in the monitoring window. The displayed arc voltage value should be similar to that of the arc voltage setting value. If the difference between the two is too large, please adjust the set value of the arc voltage to make it similar, otherwise, the cutting height is too high or the torch is dragged away during cutting. And cause severe damage to the torch consumable.

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Common Faults & Troubleshooting of Plasma THC Controller

Faults or failure of the THC can be simply attributed to the following reasons:

1).internal failure of THC
2).System output failure
3).Abnormal working of relay owing to insufficient power supply.
4).No output single owing to the short circuit of power supply.
5).THC switch is not turned on
6).THC damage
7).wire or line damage
8).THC is stuck or damaged
9).Temperature of the working environment is low, the quality of butter is poor.

In the practical applications, follow the measures below one by one to solve the problem:

1).When all input signals of THC are normal but the THC does not work properly, the THC can be judged damaged and should be replaced if necessary.
2).Replace the system if the output signal is abnormal.
3).Turn up the voltage value of the switching power supply or replace the switch power supply
4).Find the short circuit point and check the cause.
5).Turn on the automatic switch
6).Replace the THC if it cannot work properly as instructed.
7).Check if the line is turned on with universal meter and change the line without conducting
8).Check whether dirt exists or the screw & shaft worn out, and replace the THC if necessary
9).Check whether the degree of butter fixation is consistent and replace it when necessary.

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