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High power laser cutting machine, owing to its overwhelmingly advantages of big cutting capacity, high cutting accuracy and wide travel stroke, has been widely used in metal fabrication and is gradually replacing the traditional processing method, eg., oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting, etc.

The metal laser cutting machine, however, is a complicated machine tool which integrates different systems, including mechanical, electrical, optical, etc, it is very hard for the operators to fully master the operation & maintenance of the machine in a short period of time, also, the technology of high power fiber laser is still under developing, some errors or problems will inevitably occur during the running, which, undoubtedly, reduce the laser cutting performance and working efficiency greatly, even affect the service life of the whole machine.

Technical teams of JeesunCNC summarizes some common faults & propose the correspondent solution for the high power laser cutter machine, sincerely hope they can serve as a reference for operators in all industries.

IPG fiber laser

If the cutting effect by high power laser cutting machine is not good, check the following reasons first:

1).All lenses in the fiber laser head are not polluted and clean;

2).The water temperature in water tank is normal and the laser is not condensed;

3).The purity of the cutting gas is excellent, the air path is smooth with no leakage.

High power laser cutting machine problem 1: Cutting surface with stripes

High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Problem 1: Cutting Surface With Stripes

Possible Reason:

1).Wrong nozzle type, the nozzle is too large;

2).Wrong air pressure settings, over-burning due to the air pressure is too large;

3).Wrong cutting speed, over-burning due to too high or too low cutting speed


1).Replace the nozzle with the one with smaller diameter. eg, the high-speed nozzle D1.4mm can be taken for the bright surface cutting of 16mm carbon steel; the high-speed nozzle D1.6mm can be taken for the bright surface cutting of 20mm carbon steel;

2).Reduce the cutting air pressure and improve the quality of the end surface cutting;

3).Adjust the cutting speed to match with the appropriate power to achieve the cutting effect as shown in the right following picture;

High power laser cutting machine problem 2: cutting surface bottom with tumor scums

High Power Laser Cutting Machine Problem 2: Cutting Surface Bottom With Tumor Scums

Possible Reason:

1).The nozzle is too small and the cutting focus is not matched;

2).The air pressure is too small or too large, and the cutting speed is too fast;

3).The material & quality of the plate is poor, it is hard for the small nozzle to remove the burrs


1).Replace the nozzle with bigger diameter ones, adjust the front focus to the right position;

2).Increase or reduce the air pressure until the air flow is appropriate;

3).Select the good board.

High Power Laser Cutting Machine Problem 3: Cutting Surface Bottom With Burrs

Possible Reason:

1).The nozzle is too small to meet the working requirement;

2).The opposite focus is not right;

3).The air pressure is too small to meet the requirement of complete cutting.

High Power Laser Cutting Machine Problem 1


1).select nozzle of bigger diameter to increase the air flow;

2).Increase the negative focus so that the cutting section reaches the bottom cutting section;

3).Increasing the air pressure to reduce the bottom burr.

High Power Laser Cutting Machine Problem 4: The Plate Cannot Be Cut Through

Possible Reason:

1).The aged fiber laser or the power of fiber laser decreased making the laser beam energy insufficient;

2).The cutting speed is too fast, the damage of the focusing lens makes the focusing effect poor, the light path is not correct and the working voltage is unstable

3).Many other factors exist that cause the failure to cut through the material. eg, the material is poor, insufficient air pressure of the auxiliary gas, poor water and turbid heat dissipation of the cooling system.


1).When the current is too small due to the decreased power of fiber laser, replace the stabilizer with larger one to increase the laser current output and increase the output power.

2).Appropriately reduce the cutting speed, clean the polluted reflex mirror timely and replace the focusing lenses.

3).When the light-path is incorrect, adjust it and the focal length until round spot on the paper.

4).When cutting high reflective materials such as copper and aluminum, polish the surface or apply light-absorbing materials to cope with the problem of high reflection rate.

5).Clean the foreign body in the nozzle regularly, increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and replace the distilled water of the cooling system in time.



Much attention should be paid to abnormal phenomenon or faults during the running of high power fiber laser cutting machine, that is the guaratee of the cutting performance & long service life.

JeesunCNC, as a professional manufacturer & supplier, can provide different kinds of metal laser cutting machines with high power fiber laser ranging from 1000w to 6000w or even bigger ones, such as 12kw, 15kw, 20kw, etc. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any doubt concerning high power laser cutting machine, will revert with the best solution very soon.

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