5 Axis Bridge Saw CNC Marble Stone Cutting Machine For Sale

5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw: The Best Way To Cut Curves in Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles and marble stones are widely used in home decoration & construcition. But the stone materials will have to go through different processings before they are perfect for use. Among them, cutting remains as the most primary & important process.

In some cases of cutting off and linear cutting, it can be quite simple & easy with the help of jigsaw, bandsaw or even by hand. But when it comes to cutting curves in tile & marble stone, thing will be quite difficult & challenging: there are many different kinds of curves which are non-standard and the cutting performance is not always that perfect as required. Also, the cutting by hand even with the help of machine tools are time-consuming, the increasing cost & low working efficiency make it hard for mass production in factory.

Today, we introduce Jeesun 5 axis CNC bridge saw machine: the best way to cut curves in ceramic tiles & marble stone.

5 axis CNC bridge saw machine is kind of CNC machine specially used for processing of ceramic tile, marble, countertop and other stone materials. It is controlled by a five-axis linkage, that is, the linkage control of three straight lines and two rotary shafts. It can carry out the processing of the five-sided curved surface processing at one time. The 5 axis CNC bridge saw is equipped with different process modes including cutting, milling, carving and drilling, and can provide advaned functions of remote control, remote programming, processing documents, remote fault diagnosis., etc.

Advantages of 5 axis CNC bridge saw machine

1.Advanced Functions

The spindle head can swing at 360 degrees, which enables the machine to cut varuous shapes arbitrarily, including cutting off, horizontal straight line cutting, vertical straight line cutting, and can also cut complex curves and irregular shapes, such as arcs, oval, non-standard irregular shapes, etc. At the same time, it can also carry out various processing, such as chamfering, carving, edge polishing, etc.

2.High Cutting Efficiency

*5-axis linkage cutting to ensure high cutting speed & working efficiency;
*Photograph positioning function to automatically measure the thickness of ceramic tiles and the size of blade;
*Advanced computer system control, simple operation and high working efficiency;
*Professional programming is not required and CAD drawing automatically generates processing files;

3.High Working Accuracy

*CNC control to ensure the high precision running;
*Automatic photograph positioning with high positioning accuracy;
*High quality transmission system & driving system from top-rated suppliers to guarantee the stable & precise cutting accuracy;

5 axis bridge saw cutting sample


Home decoration industry:
Cutting & engraving of countertops and stone components for doorsteps, staircases & thresholds, flooring, fireplace, TV background wall, fence, etc.
Construction & building industry:
Building curtain wall, concrete panels, architectural components, street furniture, ventilated facades, staircases, bridge armrest, European-style window, etc.
Funeral industry:
tombstone, Monument, fences, stone sculpture and other kinds of stone components for funeral purposes.
Artworks & advertising industry:
inlays and mosaics, garden antique sculpture, carving and sculpturing, etc.

Please feel free to let us know if you are looking for stone cnc machine for your workshop, our technical engineers will reach you very soon with the best solution & offer, undoubtedly, you will find the satisfactory machine here.

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