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Why CNC Metal Laser Cutting Machine is The Best Way to Cut Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal fabrication is an important field for modern industries, different kinds of cutting modes are available, such as punching, plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, etc. Are you looking for the precision metal cutting machine but have no idea of which is the best way to cut sheet metal?

Technically, CNC metal laser cutting machine can serve as the best solution for metal sheet metal cutting fabrication.

Working Principle Of Metal Laser Cutting

The CNC metal laser cutting machine is equipped with a laser power source which can generate laser beam, the laser beam is transmitted through a series of reflective mirrors and then the high-power density laser beam that is focused by focusing mirror is pointed to the workpiece to generate the local high temperature, so that the irradiated materials are melted, vaporized, ablated quickly or reaches the ignition point. At the same time, during the cutting process, the melted material is blown out by the high-speed airflow of the beam coaxial axis to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Advantages Of CNC Metal Laser Cutter

Metal laser cutting machine is a type of hot cutting. Compared with the traditional metal cutting methods such as punching, oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, etc., metal laser cutting has great advantages as follows:

1.Excellent Cutting Quality

Due to the small laser spots, high energy density and fast cutting speed, laser cutting can get better cutting quality.

*The laser cutting incision is narrow, the sides of the cutting seam are parallel and the surface is perpendicular to the surface, and the cutting accuracy can reach ± 0.05mm.

*The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful. There are often burrs that are often not available in rounded corners and machines. You can use it directly without subsequent mechanical processing.

*Laser cutting thermal influence area is small, the performance of the materials near the seams are almost unaffected, and the work-piece deformation is small.

2.High Precision

The cutting accuracy is not comparable to other processes. When the power is stable and the parameters are appropriate, there is no need to process and polish it. Direct finished products, which is very cost -effective.

3.Fast Cutting Speed

The cutting speed of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is 2-3 times faster than other cutting tools. It is more obvious when the metal plates that are thinner, and the quality of its cutting is also very good. The cutting path is small and the interface is flat and smooth.

steel laser cutting

4.Non-contact Cutting

Laser cutting is a non -contact processing part, and different shapes of processing are not needed to replace the “tool”, just change the output parameters of the laser. The wear of the cutting tool will not be produced.

5.Good Flexibility

The degree of flexibility is high, and it can cut a plate with any shape and size, especially suitable for cutting of complex parts.

6.Low Maintenance Cost

Cost of laser cutting sheet metal is pretty low, during the later use process, you only need to replace the damage parts regularly, such as lenses, nozzles, etc., and the maintenance cost is extremely low.

Material Can Be Cut By Metal Laser Cutter

Metal materials that can be well cut by optical fiber laser cutting machine are mainly as follows:

Stainless Steel

Laser is a very effective processing tool for cutting stainless steel. In the case of controlling the parameters of the laser cutting process, the cutting thermal heat affects the area small, and the cutting speed is fast and effective.

Carbon Steel

The carbon steel cutting of laser uses the oxidation and cutting mechanism of laser. The seam can be controlled in a satisfactory width range. The maximum thickest thickening of the carbon steel plate is 20mm.

High quality cnc fiber laser cutter machine with shuttle table

Aluminum & Its Alloy

Aluminum is a high reflection material. Pure aluminum is difficult to cut in high purity; aluminum alloys are different due to their composition differences. Aluminum cutting belongs to the laser melting and cutting mechanism. The auxiliary gas mainly plays the role of blowing away from the cutting area, which can usually obtain better cut surface quality.

Copper & Its Alloy

Copper has high reflectivity and good thermal conductivity. Bronze (copper alloy) uses higher laser power plus auxiliary gases, which can cut thinner plates; copper (pure copper) is difficult to cut due to too high reflectivity, and continuous laser is difficult to cut. Pulse laser can cut thinly cut plates Essence.

Titanium & Its Alloy

Pure titanium can be well coupled to focus on the thermal energy of the laser beam conversion. Auxiliary gas usually uses mucus and nitrogen during laser cutting to prevent over -burning with oxygen reactions.


Undoubtedly, laser cutting and fabrication can be the best way to cut sheet metal owing to its overweldingly advantages. Also, CNC sheet metal laser cuting machines of different types & models are available for various industries.

Please get in touch with JeesunCNC, if you have any inquiry of the sheet metal laser cutting machines, our technical team will revert with the best laser cutting solution for sheet metal fabrication.

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