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CNC metal cutting machine for signs & logos is quite necessary tool in advertising fields, especially for the making of name signs, address & house signs, business signs, outdoor signs, logo signage, etc.

Different kinds of metal materials can be used for signs making in adverting fields, such as metal logos, stainless steel letters, aluminum signs, brass letters, etc. And it is quite necessary to find the very best machine to cut metal signs

Are you looking for the machine to cut metal signs & logos? Here we recommend some top CNC metal cutting machine for signs cutting, hope you can find the best solution for your workshop.

1.Entry Level CNC Plasma Table Kit 

Best Selling 4x4ft CNC Plasma Table Kit For Sale

This entry level cnc plasma table is produced by top china affordable plasma table manufacturer, this cnc plasma table kit is ideal for hobbyist & beginner in metal fabrication owing to its advantages of excellent performance & competitive price.

Main Features:

1).Reliable & compact structure which is detachable and portable for moving, suitable for beginners, small business and home hobbyists;
2).The working size can be made-to-order for the cnc plasma table, such as 4x4ft, 4x8ft, 5x10ft, etc;
3).START/Starfire control system with automatic THC, smooth cutting in the case of high and low material;
4).Professional programming softwares, such as FastCAM/Starcam, etc, to convert drawings into G code automatically;
5).Hypertherm-USA and Huayuan-China plasma cutter of various powers are available for different material & thickness;

Technical Parameters:

Working Size4x4ft/4x8ft, etc
Machine frameCompact & light-duty machine structure
Plasma power supply63A/100A /120A/160A/200A, etc.
Plasma cutting thicknessUpon plasma source
Plasma cutting speed0-8,000mm/min
LCD display dimension7.0 inches
Moving precision±0.1mm/m
Input voltage380v±10%/50Hz, 220v±10%/50Hz

2.Multi-purpose CNC Router Plasma Combo Table

Multi-purpose CNC Router Plasma Combo Table For Sale

The cnc router plasma combo machine is a multi-purpose CNC machine integrating cnc plasma cutter and cnc router on the same machine platform, it can carry out cutting of metal & non-metal materials and engraving of non-metal materials. Low cost of a single machine but more functions of double machines, this cnc plasma router combo is an excellent option for home hobbyists or small bizman who are looking for the best budget machine for different kinds of works.

Main Features:

1).Both CNC plasma and CNC router are integrated on the same machine base, which enable the machine the capability of multiple-functions and wide application for metal & non-metal materials, advanced function but low cost, best solution for entry level user or home hobbyists;
2).Heavy duty machine table welded by strong tube & steel plates and goes through strict stress relief & aging treatment to reduce welding residual stress, no deformation after long service time, thus the high-precision running & excellent performance can be well guaranteed;
3).Two sets of independent function modular are available: plasma cutting system, including Start/Starfire CNC controller, plasma torch, torch height controller(THC), plasma power source(60-200A), etc; The CNC router system, including RichAuto hand-held controller, 3.5kw air cooling electronic spindle, etc.
4).Different worktable for the 2 function modular: aluminum profile worktable for CNC router and water table with sawtooth for CNC plasma cutting. The workbench of CNC router is placed just above CNC plasma countertop, and its unique movable design.makes it possible to shift in accordance with different working requirement, eg, when cutting steel plates on the plasma table, the CNC router table can be moved aside to make room for CNC plasma cutting, thus greatly increasing the working efficiency.

Technical Parameters:

Working Size1300*2500mm(4x8ft)/1500*3000mm(5x10ft), etc.
Machine frameHeavy-duty machine structure
FunctionPlasma cutting + CNC router
CNC Router SpindleAir cooling, 3.5kw/4.5kw, etc.
Plasma Source63A/100A /120A/160A/200A, etc.
Plasma Cutting ThicknessUpon actual plasma source & material
Positioning Accuracy± 0.03/300mm

3.Affordable CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Machine

Affordable CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Machine With Factory Price

laser cutter machine for metal takes reliable parts from top rated suppliers, thus it has good quality & affordable price, the laser sheet metal cutter is ideal for small biz & home use in metal works.

Main Features:

1).Durable structure welded by steel plates and processed by machining centers to guarantee high cutting accuracy & excellent performance;
2).Open worktable, simple operation and small space occupation;
3).China top Cypcut CNC control system, advanced function & easy to learn, more flexible and efficient processing;
4).Advanced nesting software automatically adjusts focusing lens to realize automatic perforating and cutting plates of different thickness;
5).German IPG & China Raycus fiber laser ranging from 500-2000w, good beam quality, big cutting capacity and maintenance free essentially;
6).Swiss Raytools laser cutting head with automatic focusing & follow functions;
7).Japan Yaskawa/Panasonic Servo Motors, big torque and high sensitivity;
8).Japan/Taiwan transmission system & guide rails guarantee the high precision & stable running performance;

Technical Parameters:

Working Area1300*2500mm/1500*3000mm/2000*4000mm, etc.
Machine StructureSingle open table structure
Laser TypeFiber laser generator
Laser Power500W/750W/1000W/1500W/2000W
Positioning Accuracy±0.01mm
Re-positioning Accuracy±0.01mm
Max. Speed60-80m/min
Power Supply3-phase, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz

4.Steel plate & tube Combined Steel Laser Cutter Machine

Industrial-used Steel Laser Cutter Machine With 4th Pipe Rotary Attachment

The steel laser cutter takes 4th pipe rotary and can be used for both pipe & sheet metal, it has good quality & price, thus steel laser cutting machine is ideal for small biz and beginners.

Main Features:

1).Durable structure welded by steel plates and processed by machining centers to guarantee high running accuracy and excellent performance;
2).Gantry double-drive structure with imported rack & pinion/guide rails for steel laser cutting machine, improving the production efficiency;
3).Swiss Raytools Laser cutting head which is equipped with auto focusing height control & follow functions;
4).Advanced Cypcut CNC system which is based on Windows system, easy operation and advanced function;
5).Different options of IPG and Raycus fiber laser sources ranging from 500W to 6kW;
6).Professional 4th rotary attachment for different profiles, including round pipe, square/rectangular tube, oblate tube, angle steel, etc;
7).Self-centering chuck system to ensure stable process of conveying pipes, so that it can ensure high accuracy and high quality of products.

Technical Parameters:

Working Area1300*2500mm/1500*3000mm/2000*4000mm, etc.
Machine StructureSingle open table with 4th rotary attachment
Pipe length3000mm/6000mm
Diameter RangeΦ20mm -200mm
Laser TypeFiber laser generator
Laser Power500W/750W/1000W/1500W/2000W
Positioning Accuracy±0.01mm
Maximum Speed60-80m/min


As a top-rated manufacturer of CNC plasma & CNC laser machines, JeesunCNC can provide different kinds of metal cutting machine for signs & logos. Please feel free to get in touch with us, if you have any inquiry or need of metal sign cutting machine, our dedicated technical team will revert with best solution very soon.

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