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CNC Router Buying Guide (2022 Latest Version)

CNC router machine, as a high-precision, efficient processing equipment, is widely used in a variety of industrial fields. However, many kinds of CNC engraving machines are available in the market which are complicated and hard to tell the difference, which cnc router to buy for their work? This cnc router buying guide introduces the CNC router machine and sincerely hope it can provide some necessary reference for you.

What Is A CNC Router Machine?

The CNC router machine, also known as CNC engraving machine, is a kind of high precision CNC machine tool. It combines CNC(computer numerical control)technology and engraving technique to carry out engraving, cutting, milling, drilling and slotting on various materials, and can be used for cutting, 2D & 3D engraving of various flat materials.

The moving of CNC engraving machine is controlled by CNC system according to the program code, and realizes the automation of engraving processing. Compared with the traditional manual engraving, CNC engraving has the advantages of high production efficiency, high processing accuracy, high finished product and high adaptability of the part. At the same time, with the help of dedicated engraving CAD/CAM software, the generation of processing control program is fast, and the modification is convenient.

Therefore, CNC router machine has now become an effective means of automatic, high efficiency & high precision engraving, and is also the mainstream of the development of CNC engraving machine, thus is widely used in mechanical industries, advertising media, daily consumption, and architectural decoration.

Working Principle of CNC Engraving Machine

The working principle is to design and typeset graphics through dedicated software which is equipped in computer, the designed and typeset information is then transferred to the controller of the engraving machine through computer.

The controller converts the information to the pulse signal which can be read by the stepper or servo motor to control the positioning of X, Y, Z axis on the engraving machine. At the same time, the controller starts the driver to drive the spindle motor to rotate at high speed to carry out engraving, cutting, drilling, edging of various plane &3D graphics and characters on the material in accordance with the designs.

CNC Router Buying Guide: Types of CNC Router Machines

The CNC router machine can be divided into different types in terms of different classification standards as follows:

In Terms of Engraving Method:

CNC engraving machine can be divided into 2 types in terms of engraving method, namely, mechanical engraving machine and CNC laser engraving machine. Mechanical engraving machine takes metal tool as the carving method, when working, the tool engraves on the surface of material driven by spindle motor; The CNC laser engraving machine takes laser as the carving force, it is a kind of non-contact engraving.

In Terms of Application Industry:

Advertising CNC router is mainly used in advertising industries, such as acrylic cutting, PVC cutting, word logo engraving, etc, its price is relatively low, the requirements of working speed, mechanical strength and accuracy are relatively low; wood CNC router machine is mainly used in the woodworking industry, such as furniture plate relief, density plate cutting, wood crafts, etc;

Stone engraving machine is mainly used in stone industries, such as sandstone relief, all kinds of slate lettering, decorative background wall pattern processing. Crafts engraving machines are mainly used in processing of gift industry. Since handicrafts are not particularly unified, the specific machine is designed according to customer use.

In Terms of The Shape of Material:

The planar engraving machine is used to process the plate, rectangular, multi-plane and the like which can be fixed on the machine bed; the engraving products are mostly plate relief, background wall sheet, etc.

Stereo engraving machine is used to process cylindrical products including cylindrical, polygonal column, etc. to engrave stereo products. Of course, the 3D engraving machine can also be classified according to the type of the product, mainly used in three-dimensional crafts engraving processing.

In Terms of The Number of Machine Axis:

CNC engraving machines can be divided into 3 axis CNC router, 4 axis CNC router and 5 axis CNC router according to the specific number of motion axes. Their specific functions are different, the prices are also different.

Advantages & Features of CNC Engraver Machine:

High-precision Engraving:

The engraving of CNC router is set & controlled by the computer, which can ensure that each process is accurate without error. CNC engraving machines can make perfect reproduction initial design patterns to ensure that every detail is reduced. Computer control can avoid all instability factors in manual operation to ensure the stability of mass production levels, and product qualification is more satisfactory.

Easy Operation:

The control system of CNC engraving machine issues an engraving command to the operating system terminal according to the imaging in the computer. At this time, the worker only needs to place the material into the machine, and the switch can be used to achieve fine engraving.

The engraving workshop does not need to be equipped with a wide variety of engraving tools, while operating workers can also reduce significantly. Engraving because of the simple characteristics of CNC engraving machines to achieve mass production, and after-sales CNC engraving machines are guaranteed the stability of this batch operation.

Various Engraving Patterns:

CNC engraving machines can do differential operations for various complex extent, while retaining the exquisite properties of the engraving, speeding up the speed of engraving, broaden the types of engraving.

Small Investment & Quick Income:

The engraving is a very patient living, so the salary of the engraving master is also relatively high. If a factory is invited to the engraving master, then at least dozens of people, the salary is also a small number. Although the price of a engraving machine is relatively expensive, the production efficiency is high, and the cost can be recovered quickly.

CNC Router Buying Guide: Application of CNC Engraving Machine

Applicable Materials:

CNC engraving machine is suitable for a variety of hard non-metal materials and light metal materials, including cork, hardwood, mahogany, density board, solid wood board, synthetic board, multi-layer board, planing board, native wood, PVC, gypsum, two-color plate, aluminum plastic plate, hibiscus board, organic glass, acrylic, ABS plate, etc. CNC engraving machines can carry out a variety of high-precision & high-efficiency processing such as engraving, hollowing, slotting, chamfering, horizontal milling, slotting, edging, etc.

Application Industry:

1).Woodworking industry:

Drilling, cutting & engraving of 3D wavy board, cabinet door, craft wooden door, paint-free door, screen, craft fan &window, furniture product, etc.

2).Mold industry:

Effects of various embossing, shadow engraving, open-hole engraving, flat engraving, cutting and milling.

3).Advertising industry:

Advertising sign, PVC board, double-color plate, logo production, acrylic cutting, blister model, big character cutting, sign production, PVC cutting, crystal plate, acrylic, LED/neon slot, hole shape cutting, suction Plastic light box mold, etc.

4).Stone engraving:

3D relief and linear carving, cutting, edging, drilling & two-dimensional engraving of Natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, tile, glass and other materials;

5).Crafts industry:

Engraving & polishing of various exquisite patterns and characters on wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic plate, two-color plate, crystal and other materials.

CNC Router Buying Guide: How to Buy CNC Router

Working Requirement

There are various engraving machines on the market to choose from, generally the CNC router machine can be divided into metal processing type and non-metallic processing type. Non-metal engraving machines can also be subdivided into wooden engraving machines, stone engraving machines, foam engraving machines, advertising engraving machines, etc.

Different types of engraving machines have their appropriate processing materials and applications, and one machine is not recommended for a variety of different materials. If you use the stone engraving machine to engrave wood products, the working result will not be as perfect as expected, so it is quite necessary to confirm the very type of engraving machine in accordance with the industry and processing materials;

CNC Router Machine Type

Generally, plates of 1220x2440mm are taken for the wooden door and window industry, the standard model of engraving machine can meet the requirements such as JeesunCNC 1325 engraving machine; For complex process requirements such as pattern engraving, relief carving, etc which will have to be engraved by different tools, ATC engraving machine or multi-head engraving machine are a good choice which can automatically switch different tools according to different working requirements, the work efficiency is higher;

If you want to process cylindrical or other profiled workpieces, such as tables and chairs legs in European furniture, stair handrails, bathroom ware, casting, automobile, yacht and other curved processing, the 5-axis five linkage machine center can be taken. For furniture industry which requires bulk processing of wood relief, multi-headed woodworking engraving machine or multi-process machine center are good choice;

If the sheet is relatively large, the material will be drumed even the four corners are well fixed, causing imperfect or non-standard engraving, and the vacuum adsorption will have to be taken for the woodworking engraving machine.

Driving Motor

Stepping motors are performed based on pulse and usually do not receive feedback from actual location. Compared with stepper motor, the servo motor is more powerful with parameter memories, fault self-diagnostics and analysis functions, it will continue to monitor the correct location and can provide higher torque capabilities, though higher costs.

CNC Router Spindle

The spindle has a variety of different types and power to choose from. Generally, it can be divided into water-cooling spindle, air-cooling spindle, etc. The cooling effect of the water-cooling spindle is good, but the maintenance is complex and the cooling water will produce scale which will erode the tube parts inside the main shaft; the maintenance of air-cooling spindle is much easier, but the cooling effect is not as good as the water-cooling spindle.

At the same time, spindles of different powers can be selected for different materials, for example, 3kW spindle or even smaller ones can be taken for engraving of acrylic plates which have smaller vibration and better performance, the surface is smooth and the precision is high; For stone processing industry, bathroom industry and mold industry, 10KW spindle or even bigger ones are recommended which have big cutting strength and high processing efficiency;


The transmission form mainly includes ball screw, rack gear and guide rail; the ball screw is mainly applied to small engraving machines, such as advertisement engraving machine, its operating accuracy is high, but the speed is slow; The rack gear has higher running speed, but the accuracy is slightly poor than ball screw; the guide rail has a variety of different models, among them, Germany, Japanese and Taiwan rails are widely selected,such as Japanese THK automatic lubrication guide, etc.

Operating System & Software

Different options of operating systems are available for CNC engraving machine, such as Syntec, OSAI, WeiHong, DSP, etc. The OSAI system has high expansion capacity and wide range of applications, it can be independently controlled by computer, and functional modules can be added at will; Syntec system is dedicated for woodworking engraving machine with high cost performance and moderate price;

Weihong system is generally used for CNC router machine with rack pinon transmission, it is characterized of high stability and low price, thus is a practical choice. The engraving machine should work with the appropriate software, such as CV and  NC-HOPS software used in board furniture, ALPHACAM and POWERMILL are suitable for 3-axis or more.

Budget & Price Of CNC Router Machine

The company should choose the appropriate machine type according to its own budget and working requirements. If used in large-scale mass production, it is recommended to choose the machining center which have high production efficiency and can save labor cost, whiles for small-scale workshop, CNC router machine with rack pinon transmission can be better idea as the price is much lower and thus the cost-performance is much higher.

What Is The Cost of CNC Router Machine?

The cost of CNC router machine is closely related to its configuration. For example, CNC router machines can be divided into a variety of different types, such as small CNC router machine, standard CNC router machine, ATC CNC router, 4 axis CNC router machine, 5 axis CNC router machine, etc. 

Though they have similar appearance & function, the actual configuration of those CNC engraving machines are quite different, also, the price, running accuracy, working speed and service life vary much. Important parts that matter include spindle, stepper/servo motors, drivers, CNC system, software, guide rails, rack pinon, etc. In addition, the machine bed has a very important impact on the price as different machine beds are available, including welded bed, cast bed, heavy-duty bed, light-duty bed. Generally, the heavier the machine is, the larger size the machine has, then the higher the price will be.

Besides, some other factors will have to be taken into consideration for overseas buyers, including tax, customs clearance, shipping fee, etc. In general, the market price of CNC router machine ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 100,000, depending on the actual type and the specific configuration of CNC router machines.

CNC Router Buying Guide Conclusion

The CNC router machine is complicated and it is not easy to find the very best machine, sincerley hope this cnc router buying guide can help during the procurement of CNC engraver machine.

JeesunCNC is a professional supplier & manufactuer specializing in CNC router machinmes, please feel free to let us know if you have any interest or inquiry over the cnc router machine.

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