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2022 Best CNC Plasma Cutter for Home Use–JeesunCNC

CNC plasma cutter machine is widely used in metal fabrication owing to its advantages of high efficiency, excellent performance & low investment. However, many different types of CNC plasma cutting machines are available whose price & functions vary much. For home hobbyists & small bizman, it is not easy to buy CNC plasma cutter within their budget.
Here we propose some best CNC plasma machines for home use:

Type 1: Entry level CNC plasma table

Best Selling 4x4ft CNC Plasma Table Kit For Sale

This is the best budget CNC plasma cutter, it takes the form of table type structure and has full set of parts & functions, its unique feature lies in the small & compact table, such as 2x4ft, 4x4ft, 4x8ft, etc. This entry level CNC plasma table can be well arranged inside the home and is quite suitable for thin plates of different metal materials, thus is an ideal solution for home use & hobbyist.
This machine can be easily dismantled & reassembled, much costs can thus be saved from packaging & transportation.

Price: Its cost ranges from USD3,000 to USD6,000/set

Type 2: Steel plate & pipe combo CNC plasma cutter

Affordable CNC Plasma Table Cutter With 4th Rotary Attachment

This machine is also table type CNC plasma cutter, but its structure is much stronger & reliable, which can guarantee the stable running and excellent performance, suitable for thick materials in metal fabrication. Besides, one set of 4th rotary axis attachment is taken for the machine, and different profiles can be applied for the machine, such as steel plate, round pipe, square & rectangular tube, etc.
Main models for this machine are 4x8ft, 5x10ft, 6x12ft, etc. Also, high quality parts are taken from top-rated suppliers, scuh as Hypertherm plasma cutter, Hiwin guide rail, etc. This CNC plasma cutter combo machine is suitable for small biz & home hobbyist whose works vary much.

Price: Its cost ranges from USD6,000 to USD9,000/set.

Type 3: Affordable CNC plasma tube cutter

High Quality 4 Axis CNC Square Tube Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale

This CNC plasma tube cutter machine is economical type, it takes light duty structure to cut cost, heavy duty one can also be available. The machine is specially designed for cutting of pipe profiles including round, square, rectangular, channel steel, angle steel, etc.
This CNC plasma tube cutter is characterized of high automation, advanced functions & widely application. This plasma tube cutting machine is suitable for mass production both in factory & home use.

Price: Machine cost usually ranges from USD 12,000 to USD25,000/set.

In addition to machines above, other kinds of best budget CNC plasma cutter machines can be available. When buying CNC plasma cutter, it is quite necessary to decide the working requirements & first budget.
Machine quality is another factor that cannot be ignored, such as function, running accuracy, durability, main components, assembly technics, etc. After-sales service & technical support should also be taken into consideration.
A good machine should have a reasonable price, excellent performance (quality, durability, precision) and outstanding after-sales support.

Please contact JeesunCNC for more detail, if you are looking for the best CNC plasma cutter for home use or have any interest in it.

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