CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine: Ideal Solution for Intersecting Cutting of Special-shaped Pipes

With the emergence of intersecting structures of special-shaped tubes, including square tube, rectangular tube, spinal tube, multi-sided tube, CNC intersecting cutting of complex special-shaped tubes becomes very common and Jeesun cnc plasma tube cutting machine provide some new solution for the cross-sections of special-shaped tubes, such as round, square, ellipse, triangle, hexagon, diamond, octagonal, spinal canal and semicircular. It is an economical and convenient method. How to use cnc plasma tube cutting machine to realize the intersecting cutting of special-shaped pipe? This article briefly introduces the methods and steps.

1.Machine Structure & Function

1).Moving Axis

The CNC axes are mainly W, A, B, X, Y, Z, X1 and W1 axes, among which, X, X1, Y, and Z axes are linear motion axes to carry out the positioning and cutting of the pipe in the linear direction; W axis is the moving chuck and the W1 axis is the fixed chucks that make the pipe rotate around its centerline; the A axis is the torch’s rotation axis, which is used to cut the groove in the Y direction; the B axis is the torch’s rotation axis used for the cutting of pipe groove in the X direction. Under the control of the control software, the CNC axis coordinate to carry out the cutting of the complex curve of the pipe. The CNC plasma tube cutter machine is also equipped with several auxiliary supports which ensure the pipe is relatively horizontal. When rotating, it always rotates around the center of the pipe ( Note: X1 and W1 axes need to be added for 6-axis equipment).

all-in-one cnc plasma tube cutting machine

2).Cutting Methods

Cutting methods available for the machine are plasma cutting or flame cutting. Most CNC intersecting cutting machines can be equipped with both cutting functions. The suitable cutting method can be selected according to the wall thickness of the pipe. The wall thickness of common special-shaped tubes mostly ranges from 0.6mm to 30mm, and high-power fine plasma cutting can achieve higher cutting speed and cutting quality.

3).Clamping Tool

Tooling plays a vital role in the cutting of special-shaped pipes. The tooling can be divided into two parts: one part is the factory standard tooling, such as four-jaw chuck, which can help carry out cutting of round pipe, rectangular tube, square tube, H-shaped steel, etc; the other part is customer-made tooling, such as four-jaw chuck, which can help carry out cutting of angle steel, channel steel, special-shaped pipe, etc. The function of the chuck tooling is to enable the jaws of the chuck to clamp the tube to drive the rotation; the role of the auxiliary support is to support the shaped tube and ensure that the shaped tube can continuously rotate around the center of the chuck and the center line of the tube. The chuck tooling and the auxiliary support tooling can adopt the same structural idea, that is, the special-shaped tube is converted into a round tube and then rotated. Although the tooling structure seems simple, the efficiency of clamping the special-shaped tube will directly affect the overall efficiency of the machine tool. The ingenious tooling design can greatly increase the cutting processing speed.

cnc plasma square tube cutting project 2

2.Plasma Cutting Software

The software is divided into programming and control software. The programming software is used to complete the complex curve programming of special-shaped pipes, which does not take up machine time, greatly improving the efficiency of the machine and is easy to manage. Because the software itself has the function of cutting arbitrary complex curves in three-dimensional space and can directly read the machine code provided by the programming software, and thus control the movement of each axis of the machine. Therefore, key point is to how the programming software completes the programming of the complex curve of the special-shaped tube.

This tube intersecting plasma cutting machine provides an auxiliary programming system for the intersecting cutting of special-shaped tubes. It discards traditional parametric programming, that is, only specific intersecting patterns can be programmed, and uses three-dimensional node expansion combined with three-dimensional design software such as AUTOCAD and TEKLA to complete the programming work. The programming of this software is very simple, use the ready-made three-dimensional structure design drawings and click the mouse easily to carry out cutting works.

Plasma Cutting Software

3.Cutting Process

The machine code generated by the above programming can be transferred to the machine via local area network or U disk to start cutting. Since the clamping accuracy of the shaped tube and the placement state before cutting directly determine the cutting accuracy of the shaped tube, it is necessary to pay special attention to the above content before processing and complete the placement of the shaped tube strictly according to the position of the initial view.

In summary, in order to adapt to the emerging and increasingly novel intersecting structures of special-shaped tubes, Jeesun cnc plasma tube cutting machine can complete the CNC intersecting cutting of the complex ends and tube holes of the special-shaped tubes, which can replace manual cutting. It is a good choice for steel structure manufacturing enterprises to obtain better cutting efficiency and quality.

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