CNC H Beam Cutting Coping Machine for Steel Structure

CNC Beam Coping Machine: Best Way to Cut I Beam & H Beam for Steel Structure

Beam profiles, such as H beam, I beam, etc, are important materials for building construction and marine engineering. Cutting steel beams, however, is not an easy job as many different works are required on beam profile, such as notch on flange, bolt hole & slot, miter cut, trimming, etc.

The traditional method by saw machine, drilling machine, etc, owing to its disadvantages of low efficiency, simple function, etc, is not suitable for modern mass production.
CNC beam coping machine from JeesunCNC provides the best way to cut i beam & other profiles.

What Is H Beam Coping Machine?

CNC beam coping machine, also known as beam cutting machine, is a kind of CNC metal cutting machine specially designed for cutting steel beams and other profiles.

The CNC beam coping machine is actually a complete production line composed of raw material storage rack, conveying roller bed, feeding trolley, cutting unit, discharging unit, finished product storage rack, dust removal device, console station, etc.
Different cutting works can be carried out automatically under the control of advanced CNC system, also, two kinds of cutting modes are available for the machine: hypertherm plasma cutter and oxy-fuel cutting, different kinds of materials can be cut with low cost.

This all-in-one CNC H beam coping machine provides the best best way to cut steel i beam and other profiles owing to its overwhelmingly features of high automation & efficiency, advanced function and excellent performance, thus is widely used in building wall, web structure, steel structure, marine engineering, recreational facilities, fitness equipment and other industries.

Advantages of CNC Beam Coping Machine

High Automation

Can apply AutoCAD drawing directly from IPC or computer via USB, it is characterized of simple modeling, fast cutting, Tekla supported, etc; All movements be carried out automatically under the control of CNC system throughout the whole processing, including clamping, feeding, positioning, marking, cutting, unloading, etc.

Advanced Functions Of CNC Coping Machine

*Intuitive 3D intersecting imaging;
*Dynamic cutting simulation;
*Quick automatic positioning, pause and speed adjusting;
*Cutting path return and re-cutting function;
*Automatic alarming display and automatic diagnosis;
*Online and offline programming;
*information-exchanging with outer via U disc;
*One-time cutting of multi-pipes;
*automatic detection;
*automatic positioning;
*multi-speed control;

Simple & Intuitive Operation

The CNC control interface combines graphics and data, so the operation is very simple with the intuitive & simplified display surface

Cost & Raw-materials Saving

The powerful system software can optimize the layout and nesting to minimize the waste of raw materials, thus can reduce the cost greatly.

Wide Application

Can cut all kinds of profiles, including round pipe, square tube, rectangular tube, H beam, I beam, channel steel, angle steel, T bar, etc.

Functions of Automatic H Beam Cutting Machine

*Notch on flange
*Flange flush cut
*Flange & web bolt holes
*Flange & web bolt slots
*Beam end cuts
*Beam cut-outs
*Miter cut and trim cut
*Layout marks

h beam cutting

H Beam Coping Machine Buyer Guide

Here comes the question, have no idea of the beam coping machine for sale, How can i decide which is the best machine to cut beam? JeesunCNC proposes some points for your reference as follows:

1.Decide Your Raw Material

Including type & material of your profile, dimension of the material, such as diameter range, length, wall thickness, etc.

2.Working Requirement Over Beam Cutting Machbine

What kind of work you are going to do with the beam cutting machine, and you can send the drawing here for sample cutting, if necessary.

3.Machine Quality & Function

Machine quality & functions are important factors need to be taken into consideration, a visit to factory is strongly recommended to check the working performance, or ask for a sample cutting to check if it is acceptable for your work.

CNC H Beam Cutting Coping Machine for Steel Structure

As a reference & option, our High Efficiency CNC H Beam Cutting Coping Machine is hereby recommended, surely you will have a better idea of the CNC beam coping cutting machine.

Conclusion For H Beam Coping Machine

H beam CNC coping machine, though complicated, provides the best way to cut steel i beam, JeesunCNC, as the dedicated supplier of CNC plasma machine, can provide one-stop solution for beam cutting & coping, please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in the CNC steel beam cutting machines.

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