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6 Advantages of Cutting Square Tube With Plasma Cutter

Square tube, as an important industrial raw material, is widely used in different industries, such as steel structure engineering, construction, mechanical manufacturing, shipbuilding, power engineering, etc.

A large number of intersecting holes, intersecting pipe ends and mitre elbows (commonly known as shrimp elbow) are required in pipelines in these industries. Most of these cutting works take traditional techniques, including model making, lines-drawing, artificial samples, hand-cutting, manual polishing, etc, which are complicated and require much experience & time.

square tube plasma cutting

However, the hand cutting and cutting saws have much disadvantages of low cutting speed & production efficiency, simple cutting pattern, etc, thus it is very hard to meet the cutting requirements of high working efficiency, precise cutting and various complex graphic in current industrial production.

Plasma cutting is an advanced & mature cutting method that is now widely used in different metal fabrication fields. It uses the heat of high-temperature plasma arc to melt and evaporate the metal part at the incision of the work-piece, and take the amount of momentum of high-speed plasma to eliminate the melting metal to form a incision.

Then, does the idea work that cutting square tube with plasma cutter? The answer is obviously yes. Actually, it turns out that the CNC plasma tube cutter machine has been widely used in cutting process of various types of profiles including square tube, rectangular tube, angle steel, channel steel, H beam, etc.

What Is Tube Plasma Cutting Machine?

High Quality 4 Axis CNC Square Tube Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale
4 axis CNC square tube plasma cutting machine

The steel tube plasma cutting machine, also known as plasma pipe cutting machine, is a kind of advanced CNC machinery that can carry out automatic calculation & cutting off at the binding of steel pipe ends. It uses the Hypertherm & China top plasma generator as power source to cut various intersecting holes, intersecting pipe ends and miter elbows on main & brand pipes, no manual programming (simple gallery programming does not require professional drawing, simple and easy to understand) is required, just enter the radius, intersecting angle and other parameters of the intersecting tubes, the machine can automatically cut the intersecting lines & holes and welding slopes. Manual polishing is no longer necessary.

This steel tube plasma cutter can cut various shapes of tubes, such as square tube, round pipe, rectangular tube, channel steel, angle steel, H beam, etc. Therefore, the steel tube plasma cutter machine is widely used in high precision cutting in shipbuilding, construction, petrochemicals, machinery, metallurgy and other industries.

Benefits of Cutting Square Tube With Plasma Cutter

Compared with various cold cutting methods such as cutting saws and machine tools, square tube CNC plasma cutting machines have significant advantages as follows:

1).Versatile Functions

Different from band saw and other machine tools, the tube plasma cutting machine is outstanding in its advanced & versatile functions, it can carry out not only common 2D cutting and cutting off, but also 3D bevel cutting and irregular shape cutting, thus can meet the working requirements of various fields.

cutting square tube with plasma cutter

2).Wide Application

CNC plasma tube cutter can cut almost all metal materials, especially non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel), different profiles, including square, rectangular, oval, channel steel, angle steel, H beam, etc, can be well cut by the square tube CNC plasma cutting machine.

3).Easy Operation

The square tube plasma cutting machine is equipped with advanced control system & nesting software, no manual programming is required, you can just enter the cutting parameters into the control system, such as radius, intersecting angle, etc, the machine can automatically cut the intersecting lines & holes and welding slopes, The operation is pretty easy and simple.

4).High Cutting Speed

The plasma cutting is outstanding in the cutting speed, actually, the running is under the control of CNC controller system, which enable the cutting speed of square tube CNC plasma cutting machine at 10m/min. or more, greatly increasing the working efficiency.

Steel Tube Profile CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

5).Excellent Cutting Quality

Plasma cutting has excellent cutting quality, the cutting kurf is narrow one with small heat affected zone smooth cutting surface, further polishing is not required.

6).Lower Running Cost

CNC plasma tube cutting machine can directly cut all kinds of metal work-pieces without mold, no mold consumption is thus produced, no need to repair and replace the mold, reducing a lot of mold cost and production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

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