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3 Reasons Why Using Water Table For Plasma Cutting

CNC plasma water table, owing to its excellent working performance, can provide environmental-friendly working condition for operators, thus is widely used in different kinds of metal fabrication fields & industries.

However, cnc plasma water table is equipped with unique machine structure which is quite different from common cnc plasma cutter, few can tell exactly what is a plasma cutter table and Why use water table for plasma cutting. Here we will discuss over technical detail & benifits of cnc plasma cutter water table, stay here with us and let us start.

What is a CNC plasma water table?

A plasma water table, also known as plasma cutter water table or plasma cutter waterbed, is a kind of cnc plasma cutter which builds a water table or water tank for plasma cutting, generally, the water tank is installed under the cutting surface ranging from 3-24 inches in depth depending on the actual application. Some metal bars are set above the water tank which support the material to be cut.

When working, the tank is filled with water which can prevent it from generating fumes & dust from plasma cutting. 

cnc plasma cutter water table

Some complicated plasma water table machine is available which enables the underwater plasma cutting to the most extent. This cnc plasma cutter water table is equipped with the function of adjustable water level, allowing you to submerge the plate and the plasma torch under water.

Why use water table for plasma cutting

Plasma cutting has much advantages in working efficiency & cutting capacity, but lots of hazards will occur during plasma cutting, which, undoubtedly, cause huge damages to the human body & environment. Some examples can be named as follows:

1.Arc light during the plasma cutting process will burn the eyes;

2.A large amount of toxic gases are generated during plasma cutting, which will cause harm to human body once inhaled;

3.Splattered barks are generated during plasma cutting, which will cause burns to the skin.

4.There will be high-frequency noise during plasma cutting, which will cause harm to the ears.

When CNC plasma cutting, there are a lot of good reasons for using a water table instead of a dry, or down draft table.

cnc plasma cutter with water table can serve as the perfect solution to avoid or minimize the hazards as listed above, that is why to use water table for plasma cutting.

What is the benefits of CNC plasma water table

CNC plasma water table can provide overwhelmingly advantages in cutting performance & better working environment, and is widely used in different kinds of metal fabrication fields.

Some benefits of using a water table in CNC plasma cutting works include:

1.Reduce the pollutants 

The water in the tank can traps fume & dusts which is generated during plasma cutting, greatly reducing pollutants by 80-90% to guarantee an excellent working environment.

Also, sparks can be avoid to the most extent, which will minimize the harm to the eyes of the operators & workers.

2.Save the cost

Compared with some alternative solution, such as cnc plasma cutter with dust-removal system, cnc plasma cutter water table has much lower cost as the auxiliary equipment are not required, including fan, filter system, etc, thus the purchase cost of the cnc plasma water table can be much lower, also, the running & maintenance costs can also be saved.

plasma cutting steel

3.Optimize the cutting performance

During plasma cutting, a great amount of heat will be generated, and the excessive heat can cause thinner metals to warp while being cut. The water can reduce the heat affected zone of the material, which in turn reduces warpage to make the workpiece better for usage and ensures parts cool more quickly to the touch and are ready to remove and use immediately after cutting.

JeesunCNC cnc plasma water table is an ideal solution for metal fabrication with high quality, please feel free to let us know if you have any interest in this machine, our technical team will revert with the best plasma table water solution very soon.

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