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All-in-one CNC Quartz Stone CNC Machine for Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops In Australia

Another set of CNC quartz stone cutting machine was successfully loaded and will be delivered to Qingao Port for sea shipping very soon. This machine was ordered by an Austrian customer who specializes in the fabrication of quartz stone countertops for kitchen & bathroom.

Mr.Antonio Compagno, the customer, is actually very strict on techncial details and thus listed lots of requirements over the functions & working performance. Before the final contract with us, he enquired many different suppliers both in China and abroad. After a full discussion over techncial details, our engineers proposed the all-in-one CNC quartz stone machine for his work, which, undoubtedly, won the trust of Mr.Compagno owing to the overweldingly advantages of the all-in-one CNC quartz stone machine:

1).Adanced functions, Different kind of works can be done, such as polishing for back splash, former anomalous edge, cutting and polishing water tap hole, sink, etc.

2).Unquie 2-head structure design: one with saw blade for cutting and the other with spindles for drilling & edge polishing, which can shift within 3 seconds to carry out different works such as cutting, profiling, milling, polishing etc to improve working efficiency greatly.

3).High cost performance: 2 sets of spindle heads installed on the same machine bed, greatly reducing the pruchasing costs;

4).Dedicated control system & software, digital template/file of shape and cutouts can be directly input the control system, further programming is not required;

5).High working efficiency & running accuracy, can greatly improve the working performance for the best products;

Application Samples:

1).Front water-retaining

Grinding & polishing of the front water-retaining, the slope & radian of front water-retaining can be controlled by the actual shape of grinding wheels.

2).Backwater retaining

Round bottom shaping: backwater-retaining tools are fed in 1-2 times(10-25mm for each feeding) according to the corner angle and complexity of the shape, it takes 5-8 minutes to complete the shaping of the whole round bottom of the backwater retaining.

Round-bottom polishing: 3 kinds of resin wheels of rough, medium and fine types are used for grinding. The process of each resin grinding wheel takes 3-5 minutes, and it takes about 10 minutes to complete the three-time polishing process.

3).Sink & basin hole processing:

sink basin hole cutting

Sink opening: sink-opening tools are used to downfeed for one or multiple times according to the thickness and material hardness of the countertop, the opening time lasts for 3-4 minutes;

arc-edge shaping: According to the arc-edge shaping wheel, it is formed at a time, it takes about 3 minutes.

4).European style edge

It can carry out edge grinding of various stone countertops, such as Rome style, French style, ocean style, etc, depending on the grinding wheel shape.

5).Drainage grooves

It can realize the milling process of drainage grooves & slopes of stone countertops.

6).Irregular edges

Cutting & grinding of various irregular edges on the quartz countertops. It support CAD direct import without programming path, greatly reduce the running costs.

7).Splicing treatment

Advanced dust-free installation technology to realize the perfect splicing of seams.

8).Blade saw cutting & 45 degrees chamfering;

Contact JeesunCNC with no hesitation if you are looking for a stone cnc machine for cutting, edge polishing, milling, engraving of quartz countertops for kitchen & bathroom, our engineers will revert with the best solution for your reference very soon.

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