Stone CNC Router

Are you looking for a CNC router for stone carving & engraving that can increase the working efficiency at low running cost? Here the stone CNC router is recommended for marble processing industry, stay with us fo find the best way here for your work.

What is Stone CNC Router?

Stone CNC router, also known as cnc marble router machine, granite carving machine, marble engraving machine, is a kind of stone CNC machine for carving & engraving of different kinds of materials, including granite, marble, glass, ceramics, etc.

CNC stone engraving machine is a highly automatic machine tool, it takes advanced CNC(computer numerical control) technology which controls the precise running of the whole machine, also, the dedicated nesting software makes the programming unnecessary, ideal for entry level hobbyists. Besides, high quality parts from top-rated suppliers all over the world well guarantee the excellent performance.

The granite CNC router machine is ideal for high precision carving & engraving works in different kinds of marble processing fileds, including home interior, kitchen & bathroom, warehouse, artwork, etc.

Features of Marble CNC Router

1).The dedicated control system for stone industry with easy operation. drawings & programming are not required, just enter data in the control system;

2).Box structure which is welded by the industrial rectangular tube and goes through annealing treatment, high strength & good rigidity; High precise milling by large-scale gantry machine center, the running accuracy is greatly improved and the processing errors of workpieces are reduced;

3).Different kinds of structures are available for various works, such as vertical type for stone sculpture, gantry type machine with double-spindle to increase the working efficiency, 3D stone carving machine with 4th rotary, etc.

4).Powerful water-cooling spindle to ensure the high speed & precision carving on different kinds of stone materials, including granite, marble, glass, quartz stone, artifical stone, etc.

5).High-precision transmission system: including Taiwan Hiwin guide rail, servo motor drive, Japan Shimpo reducer, Taiwan TBI ball screw, etc., which can improve the operating accuracy and service life of the machine, reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost to ensure the safety of operators.

6).High quality electronic components from top-rated suppliers such as Schneider, CHNT, etc., which have advanced anti -interference capabilities and stable signals, and suitable for different working environments.


ModelStone engraving CNC router
Working size1300*2500mm/1500*3000mm
TransmissionHigh precision rack pinon for X/Y axis, ball screw for Z axis
Driving systemPowerful servo/stepper motor + high power driver
Max. working Speed115m/min
Cutting accuracy±1.5mm
Positioning accuracy0.03mm
Re-positioning accuracy0.03mm
Working voltage380V/3P/50HZ

Marble Stone Engraving Sample

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