Quartz Stone CNC Machining Center

Quartz stone CNC machining center is a quite necessary tool for granite and marble processing, it is a versatile machine and can carry out different kinds of works, such as cutting and shaping granite, polishing stone countertops, stone profiling, quartz machining, etc. Are you looking for the best solution to increase your working efficiency & reduce the machining cost? Here the CNC stone machining center is recommended for your work, stay with us fo find the best way for CNC machining quartz stone.

Advantages of CNC Stone Machining Center

1).Powerful Functions

This machine integrates the different functions of CNC router machine, bridge cutting machine and stone cnc machine center. It has powerful functions and one single machine can meet the diverse processing needs;

2).Intelligent Operation

Intelligent operating systems and software, eg, Syntec, enter the processing parameters into the control system and the processing will be carried out automatically. The drawing is easy to learn and programming is not required, the operation can be mastered within a few hours.

3).Different Options Available

Different auxiliary functions can be provided, such as tool wheel compensation, processing order, processing direction, tool inlet can be defined by yourself to meet your diverse processing needs.

Types of CNC Marble Grinding and Polishing Machine


ModelQuartz stone CNC machining center
Working size3200*2000*500mm(can be customized)
Spindle7.5/9/12kw, etc.
Command codeHPGL, G Code (plt, mmg, uoo, bmp)
Max. working speed8000mm/min.
Positioning accuracy0.05mm
Work-piece fixingSuction Cup
Auxiliary modularbridge saw, engraving, tilting workbench, etc.
Working voltage380V/3P/50HZ


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