ATC CNC Router Machine

In various carving industries, production efficiency is often an important factor for companies with large production scale. Higher efficiency and less labor costs will bring more income and profits. If you are considering expanding the scope of business, ATC CNC router machine is definately the best choice for your work.

What is ATC CNC Router

CNC router tool changer machine is a kind of advanced CNC engraving machine which is equipped with the independent ATC system. ATC, also known as automatic tool changer, is a device specially used for tool changing, loading and unloading between the ATC spindle and the tool magazine.

The ATC system can automatically replace the required tools during the processing of workpiece without suspending the running. When processing complex patterns, it can change different tools in accordance with the program, thus greatly accelerating the work efficiency and improving the processing quality.

Automatic tool changer (ATC) CNC Router machine is suitable for the processing of various complex products or a variety of processing.

Types Of CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer

Different kinds of ATC systems are available for the CNC router machines. According to the shape of the tool magazine, the ATC system can be divided into two types: linear ATC CNC router and carousel type ATC system. Both of them can be installed beside the spindle or on the side of the machine bed. By changing different tools automatically, the CNC router with tool changer can complete multiple and complex woodworking processes at one operation. It can be equipped with 6, 8, 10, 12 tools according to the different production process requirements of customers.

Advantages of CNC Router Machine

1).High Working Efficiency

The CNC router tool change machine carries out automatic tools changing through the aur cylinder, manual operation is not required, thus reducing the shutdown time and total production time, and greatly improving the working efficiency of the whole machine.

2).Easy Operation

The machine is equipped with a highly intelligent control system with fast data processing speed and stable operation. The interface of the operating system is simple and thus easy to learn. The ATC function allows users to operate more convenient and faster whiles ensuring the equipment accuracy.

3).High Automation to Save Labor Cost

The machine has much advantages of high automation, which can greatly reduce the labor costs & production time, ideal for industrial mass production.

4).High Processing Accuracy

The CNC router automatic tool changer machine is equipped with position air cylinders which are well adjusted by Dial Indicators to ensure the secondary positioning accuracy of the front & back processing. The installation base of air cylinders goes through fine milling, which guarantees the installation accuracy.

5).Advanced Functions

The CNC router ATC machine is equipped with the automatic feeding function, which can be used to push the workpece onto the workbench in the front section after processing, also, the machine has the function of secondary dust removal to guarantee the environemntal-friendly condition for engineers. 


ModelCNC router with ATC JSW-1325ATC
Working size1300x2500mm/1500x3000mm/2000x4000mm(can be customized)
SpindleATC spindle 7.5kw
ATC typelinear type/carousel type
Tool magazine8, 12, 16, etc.
Running speedMax.
Running precision±1.5mm/m
Transmissiongear pinon + ballscrew
Sucking typevacuum sucking
Working voltage380V/3P/50HZ

How Much Does CNC Router Auto Tool Changer Cost?

The ATC CNC router machine is composed by different modulars, such as structure, driving system, transmission system, cutting system, HSD CNC router tool changer spindle, nesting software & control system, etc. So, the price differs much depending on actual requirements and configurations. Generally, the ATC CNC router price ranges from $11,000 to $30,000. Besides, some extra charges & fees will have to be taken into consideration for overseas customer, including shipping costs, tax, customs clearance, etc. If you want to buy cheap cnc plasma cutter, please feel free to contact us for price detail.

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