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Are you looking for the 5 axis CNC router machine for your workshop or home use? But have no idea of which 5 axis CNC router for sale is the best one? Read & check the 2023 latest five axis CNC machine buying guide, and you will find the best 5 axis CNC machine here.

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What Is A 5 Axis CNC Router?

5 axis router, also known as 5 axis machining center, is a multi-axis 3D CNC milling machine built on the basis of 3 axis cnc router by adding two rotating shaft A/C shaft which enable the five axis cnc machine RTCP functions. The 5 axis router machine integrates advanced structural design, CNC technology and high-performance machining technology.

The machine is specially used for processing of free curved surface or complex workpieces that cannot be processed by ordinary 3-axis CNC carving machines. For example, aircraft engines and steam turbine leaves. The propeller of the boat and other complex molds with special curved surfaces.

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Advantages Of 5 Axis CNC Machine

1).Powerful Function

The five -axis carving machine can process free curved surfaces or complex parts that cannot be processed by ordinary three-axis CNC carving machines, such as aircraft engines and steam turbine leaves. The propeller of the boat and other complex molds with special curved surfaces.

2).High-efficiency & Intelligence

The five -axis CNC carving machine is a kind of five-axis linkage processing. It can detect the material size through the five -axis positioning, and can carry out one-time clamping for complex processing to ensure the accuracy of workpieces and improve processing efficiency. At the same time, the operating costs are largely reduced and the yield is increased.

3).High Cost-performance

Five-axis CNC carving machine is a multifunctional machine tool that combines high -precision drilling, milling, cutting and other processes. It can realize the integrated processing to save labor & operating costs and increases the profits for the user;

4).High Productivity

The automatic tool changer system can install a variety of tools to minimize the time to change the tools & improve the processing efficiency of the product, thereby greatly reducing the product of the product Production time. Significantly improve production efficiency.

5).Widely Application

The 5 axis router can be used for various non-metallic and soft metals in different industries such as aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other industries.

Types Of 5 Axis CNC Engraving Machine

Router CNC 5 axis machine can be classified into different types in terms of different standards:

In terms of platform quantity: there are single-platform type and double-platform type 5 axis cnc router;
In terms of motion of the machine: There are moving gantry 5 axis cnc machine and table-moving 5-axis CNC router machine;
In terms of machining sizes: There are mini 5 axis cnc router, small 5 axis cnc router, desktop 5 axis cnc machine, large 5 axis cnc machine, etc;
In terms of applicable materials: There are 5 axis wood cnc router, 5 axis foam cnc router, 5 axis CNC stone router and hobby 5 axis CNC router, etc.


Processing range2000*3000*650/1000mm(can be customized)
Spindle10/12KW(can be customized)
Rotating speed6000-24000RPM
Processing accuracy±0.05mm
Re-positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Tool MagazineLinear/Carousel
Tool quantity8/12/24
Rotating angleA axis: ±90°, C axis: ±180°
Working speedMax.20m/min.
Power supply380V, 50hz, 3-phase

5 Axis CNC Projects

Application Of CNC Router 5 Axis

Applicable Materials

5 axis cnc machine for sale is mainly used for non-metal materials and soft metals, such as FRP, carbon fiber and its composite materials, wood, foam, plastic, light aluminum, aluminum, etc.

Applicable Industry

1).Composite Material Industry:

Edge polishing, drilling of FRP products, glass fiber fiber piece, plastic piece, rubber and plastic products, bathroom products and other composite materials;

2).Mold Industry:

3D mold processing of fiber reinforcement wood mold, casting wood mold, foam, wooden, resin products, and various non-metallic material;

3).Ceramic Bathroom Industry:

Five-axis processing of various gypsum products such as gypsum molds.

4).Furniture Industry:

3D processing of various furniture such as solid wood furniture, furniture tenon pieces, staircase elbows, etc.

5 Axis CNC Router Price

Price is an important factor to consider if you want to buy CNC router 5 axis machine, actually it is hard to give the exact 5 axis CNC machine price as many different types & models of five axis CNC router machines are available whose price vary much, even the same model with similar machine configurations have quite different prices, such as HSD 5 axis spindle, YASKAWA servo motor, etc.

Also, some extra fees will have to be taken into consideration for oversea customers, such as the charges of customs clearance, tax, shipping costs, etc. Generally the price of 5 axis CNC engraving machine ranges from $45,000 to $100,000 depending on actual model & configurations.

5 aixs CNC spindle head

Buyer Guide

Different from 3-axis CNC engraving machine, the five axis cnc machine is pretty complicated. When it comes to purchase, How to choose the right 5 axis machining center?

1).Determine whether the five-axis carving machine is required according to working requirement

For example, the five -axis carving machine is not necessary for foam and other products, if no special requirement required, as the foam can be cut and layered arbitrarily and the 3-axis carving machine can meet the working requirement easily and thus can be better choice.

2).Determined between non-metal five-axis carving machine and metal five -axis machining center according to the material

The five-axis CNC router machine is mainly used for processing of non -metal materials or soft metals, such as FRP, carbon fiber and its composite materials, mud, wood, foam, plastic, light aluminum, aluminum honeycomb, etc.

3).Select the right model according to the product size

Generally, the exact model is recommended by the most commonly used size, eg, 80% working load is of one unique size, and only occasionally some products use particularly large size, it is not necessary to buy a large-sized five -axis carving machine for 20% of products, which will be a waste of budget and the function.

4).After-sales service

Five-axis carving machine is a complicated high-end machining center, which is very important for after -sales service. Generally, the equipment is guaranteed for one year, and there are 24 hours of online customer service. You can answer customer questions at any time. If you need to serve, you will arrive at the customer’s site within 24 hours in the province.

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