Steel Pipe Elbow Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The tube and sheet laser cutting machine takes 4th pipe rotary and can be used for both pipe & sheet metal, it has good quality & price, thus steel tube laser cutting machine is ideal for small biz and beginners.





1).Easy cutting:
The elbow laser cutting machine takes laser beam as cutting, whose cutting seam is less than 0.2mm, and changes the traditional cutting method when cutting pipes. Flat cutting can be achieved at one time and the length of the flat pipe can be controlled within 5mm. Material can be saved to the most extent.

2).Simple maintenance
The performance of the elbow laser cutting machine is stable and the maintenance is relatively simple. There is no need to replace the parts & consumables frequently, simple & regular maintenance will be OK: the life span of protective mirror and nozzle are about 300-500 hours.

Simple maintenance
3).Easy operation
The elbow laser cutting machine has simple & compact structure, stable performance and easy operation; it is specially used for round pipes, eg, cutting of intersection, flat mouth, cutting off and other functions.

4).Automatic positioning
This machine has an automatic positioning function. When the pneumatic clamping device takes the elbow, the automatic positioning will work and capture the elbow in jsut a few seconds.

Automatic positioning
5).Automatic slag removal function
The machine takes a variety of gases as cutting gas, the problem of non-smooth surfaces due to the hanging residue inside the inner wall can be thus well solved. At the same time, this machine has automatic residue removal function which can remove the residue & slag to ensure the excellent performance.

Automatic slag removal function

Technical Parameters:

NameSteel pipe elbow fiber laser cutting machine
Laser power1000w/1500w/2000w
Pipe DiameterΦ40mm-Φ160mm(optional Φ260mm)
Cutting thicknessIn terms of the actual fiber laser source
Max running speed30rpm
Clamping methodPneumatic type
Max clamping angle90°
Ellipse follow-up methodAutomatic capacitance type
Cutting accuracy±0.3°
Running accuracy±0.1°
Working voltageAC220V±10V

Functions of elbow pipe fiber laser cutting machine:

*Different angles of elbow cutting: high precision cutting of unlimited quantities & angles on the same elbow.

*Compatible with 40-200mm diameter elbow;

*Compatible with elbows of different curved radius;

*Automatically flat function by pneumatic clamping device;

*Common segmental data storage;

*Different cutting gases available for different materials, eg, nitrogen, oxygen, compressed air, etc;

*More functions can be customized.



Applicable Profiles:
steel tube laser cutting machine can be used for different metal materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc, and the sheet and tube laser cutting machine is widely used in sports equipment, kitchen equipment, bathroom equipment, small hardware processing, auto parts processing, petroleum pipeline, furniture, props, clothing props display stand, medical equipment, steel furniture, door and window kitchen, steel furniture industry, etc.

Packaging & Delivery:


FAQs About:

Q: Is the structure strong one or light duty type?
A: Machine body of this steel tube laser cutting machine is reliable strong one which is welded by steel tube & plates, some are even casted ones, quite suitable for industrial purposes. Also, the mounting base surface for linear guides and racks is all precisely milled via a metalworking 5-axis CNC machining center.
Q: What is the cutting thickness?
A: The cutting thickness depends on actual power & material to be cut, 2 options of fiber laser sources are available: IPG and Raycus, and we will recommend some best model as soon as your thickness and material detail is well confirmed.
Q: Is there any consumable for the machine?
A: Consumables are quite necessary for fiber laser cutter, you can buy some consumables from us or buy from your local market, we can provide the consumable list.
Q: Is further installation required for oversea customers?
A: The machine will be packaged after removing some auxiliary device, it will be ready for work as soon as the wire & cable are connected, the further installation will be quite simple, some instruction document will be sent along with the machine. equipment and further installation & commissioning are required. Our after-sales service team will be sent there for the service & support, you can also send your staff here to our factory for training on installation & operation;

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