High Quality ATC Quartz Stone CNC Router Machining Center

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The stone CNC machine center is a highly automatic machine that integrates profiling, cutting, milling, polishing, engraving etc. ATC stone cnc router is suitable for the processing of quartz counter tops, sinks, wash basin hole and other opposite stones, ceramics, glass and micro crystalline stone. It can automatically complete the entire preset processing process.

CNC Stone Machining Center Working Video:

CNC Stone Machining Center Features:

1).Linear-type ATC system equipped with different kinds of tool bits & abrasives, it can change the tool bits automatically according to different work such as cutting, profiling, milling, polishing etc to improve working efficiency greatly;
2).The cnc stone machining center is of integrated structure which has high the rigidity and big load capacity, there will be no deformation after long-term working;
3).The countertop takes hard phenolic table with 8 suction cups, the working stability is pretty high during working to guarantee the processing accuracy;
4).High precision rack pinion for X/Y axis and ball screw for Z axis, together with original imported guide rail from Germany/Taiwan top-rated supplier to guarantee the excellent running performance;
5).Reliable servo motor & driver from top-rated suppliers, eg, Yaskawa, Delta, Leadshine, Fuling, etc, which has the advantages of high precision, long service life, stable operation, etc;
6).User-friendly dedicated control system with advanced functions, programming is not required and it can directly identify CAD drawings, easy to learn;
7).Compatible with UncGraphics. NX3.0, Mastercam and other software, it carries out programmed processing through digital analysis & design to support pre/igs/scep/dxf/dwp and other documents;
8).Unique filter tank and water circulation system for the ATC cnc stone cnc router, the whole machine can achieve self-circulation, only regular replacement cleaning; effectively extend the service life of the machine.

ATC CNC Stone Router Parameters:

NameHigh Quality ATC Quartz Stone CNC Router Machining Center
Working Area2500*1300*300mm3000*1500*300mm4000*2000*400mm
Max. working speed8000mm/min
Max idle speed35m/min
Positioning Accuracy0.05mm
Re-positioning accuracy0.05mm
Command codeHPGL, G Code (plt, mmg, uoo, bmp)
Tool magazineLinear type with 12/18 tools
Spindle11kw ATC spindle
Lubricating systemElectric type
Work-piece fixingSuction Cup
Vacuum pump7.5kw water circulation vacuum pump
Working voltageAC380V/3phase, 50HZ

Stone CNC Machining Center Detail:

High Quality ATC Stone CNC Router Application:

The CNC stone machining center is an advanced stone processing equipment integrating edge polishing, molding, drilling, chamfering, engraving and profile cutting, it is widely used for cabinet artificial stone, quartz stone countertops, wash basins, tea trays, European style edging, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bar island countertops, coffee table countertops, stone countertops, TV countertops, and other heterosexual stone, ceramics with higher hardness, glass and microcrystalline stone.

ATC CNC Stone Router Projects:

1).Front water-retaining
Grinding & polishing of the front water-retaining, the slope & radian of front water-retaining can be controlled by the actual shape of grinding wheels.
quartz countertops polishing
2).Backwater retaining
*Round bottom shaping: backwater-retaining tools are fed in 1-2 times(10-25mm for each feeding) according to the corner angle and complexity of the shape, it takes 5-8 minutes to complete the shaping of the whole round bottom of the backwater retaining.
*Round-bottom polishing: 3 kinds of resin wheels of rough, medium and fine types are used for grinding. The process of each resin grinding wheel takes 3-5 minutes, and it takes about 10 minutes to complete the three-time polishing process.
backwater retaining
3).Sink & basin hole processing:
*Sink opening: sink-opening tools are used to downfeed for one or multiple times according to the thickness and material hardness of the countertop, the opening time lasts for 3-4 minutes;
*Arc-edge shaping: According to the arc-edge shaping wheel, it is formed at a time, it takes about 3 minutes.
sink basin hole cutting
4).European style edge
It can carry out edge grinding of various stone countertops, such as Rome style, French style, ocean style, etc, depending on the grinding wheel shape.
marble edge polishing
5).Drainage grooves
It can realize the milling process of drainage grooves & slopes of stone countertops.
drainage groove milling
6).Irregular edges
Cutting & grinding of various irregular edges on the quartz countertops. It support CAD direct import without programming path, greatly reduce the running costs.
irregular edge grinding polishing

Packaging & Delivery:


FAQs About Stone CNC Machine:

Q: How is the training policy for the stone CNC machining center?
A: 3 options of training service are available as follows:
*Engineers from our factory be sent to customers factory for local training;
*Engineers from customer be sent to our factory for training;
*Training document & manual operation be sent along with machine, also, online instruction be provided by means of email, whatsApp, online tools, etc.
Q: How many types of marble stone CNC machine center provided?
A: The stone CNC machine center is currently divided into automatic tool change(ATC) series and manual tool change series; the manual tool change series is further divided into different types, including standard type, cutting type, engraving type, etc.
Q: How to purchase the grinding wheel for marble stone edging machine?
A: Jinan Jeesuncnc can provide made-to-order service for grinding wheels, the grinding wheel used in stone CNC machine center is universal with standard edge polishing machine.

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      The stone machine is pretty nice, it is the best for my marble workshop, thanks from Jordan

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