High Definition CNC H & I beam Laser Cutting Machine for Steel Structure Fabrication

Are you looking for the h beam laser cutting machine for your workshop? This h beam cutting machine from JeesunCNC provides the best way to cut H/I beam & other profiles, it takes high defination & high power fiber laser souce and has much advantages of high automation & efficiency, advanced function and excellent performance, thus this structural steel laser cutting machine remains as the best solution for steel structure fabrication.

This h beam laser cutting machine is a high-tech machinery that integrates precision laser cutting, intelligent detection and 3D 5-axis CNC technology. It easily achieves component assembly and welding through high-precision cutting quality, eliminating outdated production methods with high labor costs, low efficiency, and cumbersome processes, helping users greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. This structural steel laser cutting machine has strong adaptability and can be customized. It is widely used in laser cutting of H-shaped steel, curved steel, channel steel, and other materials with high precision requirements for profile cutting shapes.

Structural Beam Laser Cutting Video:

Features of H Beam Laser Cutting Machine:

*Dedicated CNC system & software:

Perfect compatibility with Tekla software, which provides the efficient material saving, automatic sorting, precise cutting and other functions, effectively enhancing the working efficiency for the high quality processing of steel beam profiles;

*Advanced functions:

Advanced 3D technology to achieve different functions with high efficiency, such as cutting, punching, locking, beveling, marking, etc.; Support automatic contour detection and centering & edge finding functions, which can effectively avoid size errors and control cutting accuracy;

*High efficiency:

Open type dual station design, steel beams can be directly transported into the cutting table for cutting, and after cutting is completed, they can be transported out to avoid workers lifting and unloading materials, saving loading and unloading time; High precision floating shaft design, fast response, and processing efficiency up to 15 times that of manual labor,

*Unique structure:

Integrated integrated design, compact structure, stable and reliable, capable of continuous operation for 24 hours; Modular heavy-duty ground rail bed structure, modular production, and customizable working size according to customer needs.

Techinical Parameters:

NameCNC H beam Laser Cutting Machine for Steel Structure Fabrication
Steel cutting rangeFlange: 100-600mm

Web: 100-1,250mm

Length: Max 26,000mm (customized on demand)

Laser power12kw/15kw/20kw/30kw
X-axis travel2,6000mm
Y-axis travel2,550mm
Z axis travel970mm
A-axis stroke (rotary axis)±90°
C-axis stroke (rotary axis)±45°
U axis travel (height adjustment axis)±40mm
Bevel cutting±45°
X/Y/Z max positioning speed30m/min
positioning accuracy≤0.1mm
Cutting Accuracy≤0.05mm
Single section steel** weight5,000kg
Cutting ScenariosWeb/flange cutting, beveling, welding through-holes, bolt holes, marking, etc.

Steel Beam Laser Cutting Machine Details:

1).The steel beam cutting machine is equipped with the dedicated control system which has the advantages of convenient installation, simple operation, excellent performance, complete process solutions, stable and high-precision cutting, providing users with a simple but efficient intelligent experience

2).This H beam cutting machine adopts Tekla steel structure 3D modeling system which supports various tower connection forms bevel cutting processes

tekla software
3).Top quality IPG fiber laser with extremely high electro-optic conversion efficiency (30%+), energy-saving and environmentally friendly; Excellent beam quality with higher work efficiency & better processing quality; Compact size, maintenance free and low running cost.
IPG fiber laser
4).Automatic focusing laser cutting head with good cutting quality and fast perforation; Automatic tracking can accurately adjust the focus according to the material thickness, ensuring the best cutting effect of the entire board.
raytools laser head
5).The welding structure of heavy-duty machine tools is subjected to stress relief annealing followed by rough and precision machining, followed by secondary aging treatment to eliminate stress, prevent deformation, and be more durable. After high-temperature annealing and natural aging, welding stress is eliminated, effectively ensuring high speed, high precision, and high stability of the entire machine operation during high-speed cutting.

6).Top quality dual servo motor drive system, synchronous dual drive, effectively ensuring high speed, high precision during cutting and high stability of the entire machine operation.
panasonic servo system

Steel Beam Laser Cutting Projects:

h beam cutting h beam plasam cutting project cutting square tube with plasma cutter

Application of h beam cutting machine:

Applicable Material:

This h beam laser cutting machine is specially used for cutting i beam & H beam, including H-beam, I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, etc, to achieve multi-functional cutting, slotting and opening, graphics and text, marking, bevel cutting Arc opening and other functions.

Applicable Industry:

The structural steel laser cutting machine can be widely used for metal fabrication in different industries, including shipbuilding, construction, transportation equipment, aerospace industry, bridge building, military industry, wind power, structural steel, boiler container, agriculture machinery, elevator, environmental protection equipment, etc.

Packaging & Delivery:


FAQs About steel beam cutting machine:

Q: I have no idea of the CNC beam cutting machine, How can i decide which is the best machine to cut beam?
A: Our sales-team will communicate with you over working requirement and provide the best instruction, You just provide further detail as follows:
1).Type of your profile, round, square/rectangular, channel steel, H beam or others?
2).Material of your profile
3).Dimension of your material, including diameter range, length, wall thickness, etc
4).Max.cutting thickness & most common cutting thickness
5).is bevel cutting required?
Q:How can i check the machine quality & working performance?
A: You are welcomed to our factory whenever your time permits, also, you can ask your representative or partner here for you, will arrange discussion with technical team & inspection of the cutting performance. Besides, online technical service & support is available, our engineer will provide live video show around the factory and send the sample pictures and videos you want.
Q:What is the warranty time for the machine?
A: 2 years guarantee for the whole machine since delivery, during warranty period, any faulted part will be replaced for free, Not include consumables.
Q:How is the training policy for oversea customers?
A:User manual of different language venison will be sent with demo CDs & other document which will provide detailed training instructions on operation, maintenance, etc. Also, free training service can be provided. Your workers can get trained for free in our factory for 1-3 days, if on-site training & maintenance service are required, We will arrange local service within 48 hours.
Q:If the machine fails to work during use, how to do then?
A:Our after-sales team are available 7x24h for any problem during use, they will help judge the problem & provide troubleshooting via different means, including phone call, Whatsapp, Email, Skype, etc. Also, door-to-door service can be provided, if you need.

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