CNC 3D Stone Carving Machine With 4th Axis Rotary Attachment

This CNC stone carving machine takes 4th axis rotary attachment, it can be used for both marble plate & cylindrical products with good performance, the 3d stone carving machine is ideal for marble stone process and other decoration industry.

CNC stone carving machine working video

Main Features:

1).This CNC stone carving machine takes 4th axis rotary attachment and can be used for both stone plate and cylindrical products, widely application, low cost and easy operation.
2).Strong machine structure welded by thick square tubes, which goes through strict vibration aging technology to remove internal stress and dust-free sandblasting paint process, long-term use without deformation.
3).Rack pinion transmission for X/Y axis, fast working and high efficiency; high precision ball screw for Z axis with high precision and long life time.
4).Top-rated motors & drivers for the cnc stone carving machine to keep the running more stable and can improve the processing precision.
5).High-speed water cooling spindle which can work perfectly for stone cutting and carving.
6).Dedicated & user-friendly software, eg. Type 3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai, etc., which have excellent compatibility with CAD/CAM software.
7).Independently electric control box with perfect wiring and free moving pulleys.

Techinical Parameters:

NameCNC 3D Stone Carving Machine With 4th Axis Rotary Attachment
Working Area(X*Y)1300x2500mmx300mm1500x3000mmx300mm
CommandG Code (plt, mmg, uoo, bmp)
Spindle Power4.5KW, water cooling
Spindle Speed0-24000rpm/min
Max diameter200mm
Transmissionrack pinon for X/Y axis,ballscrew for Z axis
Limit switchyes
Lubrication systemManual lubrication system
Max working Speed15m/min
Positioning Accuracy0.03mm
Re-positioning accuracy0.03mm

Machine Detail:


The cnc stone carving machine is suitable for natural marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, jade, crystal, ceramics, glass, etc, it can do 3D embossment, line engraving, character engraving, drilling and 2D carving.

Stone Carving Projects:

Packaging & Delivery:

FAQs About 3d stone carving machine:

Q: How is the training policy for the stone CNC machine?

A: 3 options of training service are available as follows:
*Engineers from our factory be sent to customers factory for local training;
*Engineers from customer be sent to our factory for training;
*Training document & manual operation be sent along with machine, also, online instruction be provided by means of email, WhatsApp, online tools, etc.

Q: What is the warranty policy?

A: 2 years warranty for the whole machine, any faulted part will be replaced free of charge;

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