Best Budget Small CNC Plasma Cutter For Sale

This small cnc plasma cutter is 2024 the latest version from China top manufacturer, it has compact but strong structure, best budget cnc plasma cutter is charactrized of easy operation, competitive price & long service time, thus the cnc small plasma cutter it is ideal for home use, small business & hobbyist.

Small CNC Plasma Cutter Machine Video:

Best Budget CNC Plasma Cutter Features:

1).The small cnc plasma cutting machine has compacted structure, light weight & high anti-interference, this best budget plasma cutter can move arbitrarily, suitable for indoor and outdoor cutting;
2).High precision stepper motor/driver guarantee a stable and precise running, greatly improving cutting performance;
3).7 inches LCD display with high resolution taken for portable plasma cutter, visual and easy to operate;
4).Dynamic and static graphic display, rich graphic library of different cutting shapes, which can be draw out directly for cutting without processing;
5).Support USB flash drive, G code program can be converted from CAD file in computer and transmitted into machine for further cutting;
6).Both flame & plasma cutting can be provided with easy conversion and big cutting capacity.

Techinical Parameters:

NameBest Budget Small CNC Plasma Cutter For Sale
Actual cutting range4x4ft/1200*1200mm4x8ft/1300*2500mm5x10ft/1500*3000mm
Z working area150mm
Cutting modePlasma cutting
Plasma cutting thicknessUpon plasma source
Plasma cutting speed0-8,000mm/min
Diameter rangeMax.200mm
Pipe length3m
LCD display dimension7.0 inches
Moving precision±0.1mm/m
Support languageStandard G code
Driving motorServo/stepper
Input voltage380v±10%/50Hz, 220v±10%/50Hz
Working environment-10°C-60°C, relative Humidity, 0-95%.
OptionDrilling system, oxy-fuel system, exhaust fan, etc

Small Plasma Cutting Machine Projects:

4x8 cnc plasma table project4x8 plasma table project4x8 plasma cutting table projectplasma table projects

Best CNC Plasma Cutter Application:

Applicable Material:

This small cnc plasma cutter can be used for different metal materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, metal, copper, aluminum, titanium, galvanized steel, etc.

Applicable Industry:

The mini cnc plasma cutting machine can be widely used for different kinds of industries, including advertising, shipbuilding, construction equipment, transportation equipment, aerospace industry, bridge building, military industry, wind power, structural steel, boiler container, agri8culture machinery, elevator, environmental protection equipment, etc.

Packaging & Delivery:


FAQs About small CNC plasma cutter:

Q: Is the portable machine come as a full set one?
A: yes, the portable machine is complete full set one, including machine body, controller, software, oxyfuel cutting & height controller, etc, it is ready for work as soon as cable & wire is connecteted.
Q: Does plasma cutter come together with the machine and which model will it be?
A: The plasma cutter can be provided, if required, different options of Hypertherm-USA and Huayuan-China are available, and the model & power will depend on actual material & thickness.
Q: Is there any consumable for the plasma cutter?
A: Consumables are quite necessary for plasma cutter, you can buy some consumables from us or buy from your local market, we can provide the consumable list..
Q: Is further installation required for oversea customers?
A: The portable machine will be dismantled into several parts for te convenience of packaging & delivery, further installation is required which will be quite simple. The installation document will be provided along with the machine;
Q: How about the working voltage? Can the CNC plasma cutter machine work With 220V?
A: It totally depends on the plasma cutter. Only low-power plasma generators like Huayuan 63amp and Hypertherm 45amp can work with 220V, and other models cannot. Transformers or phase converters is recommended as a solution.

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