Best Mould-making 5 Axis CNC Machine Price For Sale

Best 5 axis cnc machine for sale from top rated cnc router manufacturer, this 5 axis cnc machine price is very competitive but the performance is quite excellent, thus the 5 axis cnc machine is ideal for 3D mould-making in different fields.

5 Axis CNC Machine Video:

5 Axis CNC Machine Features:

1).The 5 axis cnc machine price is competitive & is equipped with OSAI control system, advanced function and easy to operate with high precision;
OSAI control system
2).5 axis machining center with 5 synchronizing interpolated axes; Real-Time Tool Center Point Rotation (RTCP), well suited for 3D curved surface processing;
5-Axis-spindle head
3).Heavy duty machine frame welded by thick steels, which goes throgh aging treatment & fine machining, reliable and durable with no deformation;
5 axis cnc router structure
4).High quality main parts from top-rated supplier to guarantee the excellent working performance, such as YASKAWA servo, OSAI 5 axis controller, HSD 5 axis spindle, etc;
Italy 11kw spindle
5).Working speed, travelling speed and cutting speed can all be controlled separately, which dramatically improve productivity and finish quality.

Techinical Parameters:

ModelJSM-2040G-5A best 5 axis cnc machine price for sale
Working SizeX axis: 2500-4000mm, Y axis: 4000-18000mm, Z axis: 1000-2000mm
A/C axisA: ±112°, C: ±245°
Positioning Accuracy±0.02/300mm
Re-positioning Accuracy±0.02 mm
Max Travelling SpeedX: 55m/min, Y: 55m/min, Z: 18m/min, C: 40m/min, A: 40m/min
Max working speed20m/min
Spindle Power10/12/15KW
Spindle Speed24000r/min
Driving SystemYaskawa servo
Control SystemOSAI
TransmissionRack pinion for X/Y/Z axis
Tool MagazineLinear type
Tool Slots8-16
Table Surface:Moveable Milling Steel with T-slot Table
FrameCast Iron (heavy steel)
Working VoltageAC415V/50HZ

5 Axis CNC Projects:

5 axis cnc machining center jeesun 4 axis cnc router templates 5 aixs CNC spindle head

Large 5 Axis CNC Machine Application:

The 5 axis cnc machine can be widely used in different fields, including:
*Mold industry:
Various large metalloid molds, especially suitable for automotive foam mold, building model, wooden ship model, wooden model aviation, rail wooden mold and wooden mold train.
*Instrument industry:
3D surface carving and shape cutting of large-scale instruments.
*Furniture industry:
Cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, stereo box, computer desk, game cabinets, etc.
*Decoration industry:
Acrylic, PVC, density board, stone, organic glass, aluminum and copper, etc.

FAQs About CNC Five Axis Machine:

Q: I have no idea of the 5 axis cnc machine price, How can i decide which is the best cnc router machine for 3D mould?

A: Our sales-team will communicate with you over working requirement and provide the best instruction, You just provide further detail as follows:
1).Material of your product
2).Dimension of your raw material
3).drawing or product photo

Q:How can i check the machine quality & working performance?

A: You are welcomed to our factory whenever your time permits, also, you can ask your representative or partner here for you, will arrange discussion with technical team & inspection of the cutting performance. Besides, online technical service & support is available, our engineer will provide live video show around the factory and send the sample pictures and videos you want.

Q:What is the warranty time for the machine?

A: 2 years guarantee for the whole machine since delivery, during warranty period, any faulted part will be replaced for free, Not include consumables.

Q:How is the training policy for oversea customers?

A:User manual of different language venison will be sent with demo CDs & other document which will provide detailed training instructions on operation, maintenance, etc. Also, free training service can be provided. Your workers can get trained for free in our factory for 1-3 days, if on-site training & maintenance service are required, We will arrange local service within 48 hours.

Q:If the CNC five axis machining center fails to work during use, how to do then?

A:Our after-sales team are available 7x24h for any problem during use, they will help judge the problem & provide troubleshooting via different means, including phone call, WhatsApp, Email, Skype, etc. Also, door-to-door service can be provided, if you need.

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