5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw Machine For Granite & Quartz Stone

5 axis CNC bridge saw takes large gantry structure and is equipped with diamond blades, it is an advanced stone cutting machine which is characterized of highly efficiency, easy operation and big cutting capacity, the bridge saw machine can carry out different kinds of cutting works, including 2D cutting and bevel cutting, thus is especially suitable for the processing of quartz counter tops, sinks, wash basin hole and other opposite stones, ceramics, glass and micro crystalline stone.

Bridge Saw Cutting Video:

5 Axis CNC Brige Saw Features:

1).The 5 axis bridge saw is gantry mobile machining center with high rigid body which goes through secondary stress relief treatment, strong vibration absorption and never deformed;
2).Advanced functions of 2D & bevel cutting of straight line, curved line, round, square, oval, arc, special profiles, etc;
3).The machine head can swing 360 degrees at will and cut with a saw blade, and can cut and chamfer at any angle and shape;
4).No need for professional programming, CAD drawings automatically generate processing files and cut directly;
5).Optional polishing wheel can be used to polish the panel. The cut edges are smooth and there is no trace of the interface, and no secondary repair is required;
6).Automatic flipping countertops to reduce labor intensity and increase working efficiency;
7).High quality parts from top-rated suppliers to guarantee the excellent performance, such as THK guide rail, YASKAWA servo, etc;
8).High-power synchronous servo/stepper motors with high power and strong cutting power;
8).Multi-axis dust-proof cover to ensure that the movement unit is not corroded and the working condition is environmental-friendly.

Techinical Parameters:

Name5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw Machine For Granite & Quartz Stone
Travel scopeX/Y/Z axis3200*2000*500
C axis±185°
A axis0-90°
Moving speedX axis30mmin
Y axis30mmin
Z axis15mmin
TransmissionRack pinon for X/Y axis, Ball screw for Z axis
Blade size450mm
Turning angle0-85°
Turning weight800KG
Max cutting thickness100mm
Cutting accuracy0.2mm
Working air pressure0.7-0.8Mpa
Working voltage380V/3P/50HZ

CNC Bridge Saw Detail:


Brige saw for granite is suitable for cutting works of straight line, curved line, round, square, arc, oval, 2D, bevel, etc. of various stone materials, such as marble, quartz stone, granite, artificial stone, composite materials, etc.
The bridge saw for sale is widely used in cabinets, countertops, bathtubs, wash basins, sanitary ware, etc.

CNC bridge saw Cutting Projects:

5 axis bridge saw cutting 5 axis bridge saw cutting 1 bridge saw cutting 1

Packaging & Delivery:


FAQs About 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw Machine:

Q:How is the training policy for the stone cnc machine?

A:3 options of training service are available as follows:
*Engineers from our factory be sent to customers factory for local training;
*Engineers from customer be sent to our factory for training;
*Training document & manual operation be sent along with machine, also, online instruction be provided by means of email, WhatsApp, online tools, etc.

Q:What are the mainstream quartz & rock plate cutting equipment?

A:Ordinary hand cutting machine, ordinary sawing machine, semi-automatic bridge cutting machine, 45 degree chamfer cutting machine, infrared bridge cutting machine, multi-function stone cutting machine, five-axis bridge saw cutting machine, etc.

Q:what is the rotation angle of AC axis of 5- axis bridge saw machine?

A:A-axis: (head topping) 360 degree no dead angle; C-axis (head face) 0-90 degree OR 0 degree, 45 degree, 90 degree (optional). The five axis(XYZAC) are controlled by system control, manual adjustment is not required.

Q: what is the blade specification for 5 axis cnc stone cutting machine?

A:Saw blades of 400, 350, 300mm are available, other options can be provided upon requirements.

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