High Efficiency 4-Spindle Wood CNC Router for Cabinet Making

This wood CNC router takes 4 sets of independent spindles which can switch freely for different works with high efficiency, ideal for furniture & cabinet making.


Woodworking CNC Video:

Features of wood cnc router:

1).The cnc router for cabinet making takes top-rated Syntec/LNC control system from Taiwan, which has excellent compatibility and advanced functions, also, hand wheel is equipped to make the operation easy & simple with high precision;
OSAI control system
2).Optimized typesetting: Realize optimized typesetting, processing opening, processed alien, with excellent utilization rate, improve production benefits.
3).Original imported bearing for spindle, which is characterized of high accuracy, low noise, and strong cutting capacity, no deformation after long-term working;
4).4 sets of spindles installed on the same gantry beam which can switch quickly in accordance with programe, high efficiency & wide application, ideal for processing of workpieces which require different processings;
4-spindle woodworking cnc router
5).Heavy duty machine frame welded by thick steels, reliable and durable with no deformation;
6).High quality parts from top-rated suppliers to guarantee the excellent working performance, such as HSD spindle, YASKAWA servo system, Syntec/LNC control system, etc;
7).Vacuum T-shaped tank workbench with vacuum pump to ensure the stable fixing of material during working;

Techinical Parameters:

ModelJSW-1325F 4-Spindle Wood CNC Router for Cabinet Making
Working Area1300*2500*200mm
Spindle4.5kw*2+ 6kw*2 air cooling spindle
Rotating Speed of Spingle0-18000r/min.
Control SystemTaiwan Syntec/LNC, etc.
Program CodeStandard G code
Machine structureT-shaped vacuum workbench
TransmissionRack pinon for XY axis, ball screw for Z axis
Suction ModeVacuum Sucking with water cooling vacuum pump
Running speedMax. 20000mm/min.
Working SpeedMax. 8000mm/min.
Working Accuracy0.01mm
VoltageAC380V/3phase, 50HZ

Packaging & Delivery:


Application of cnc router kitchen cabinets machine:

The CNC router for cabinet making can carry out different kinds of works by a single machine, including drilling, cutting, carving, chamfering, etc., especially suitable for customized production and processing in various industries, such as:
1).Furniture Industry: large-area panel carving, solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art font carving, solid wood carving, MDF paint-free door carving, kitchen window, and door carving.
2).Mold Industry: it can engrave various molds, wooden molds, aviation wooden molds, propellers, automobile foam molds, etc.
3).Advertising Industry: acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, aluminum-plastic board engraving and cutting, various signs, badges, seat signs, bronze medals, fonts, fonts, various signs, trademarks, and other materials.
4).Handicraft Industry: gifts, decorations, wooden toys, metal reliefs, and copper and aluminum fonts.
5).Musical Instrument industry: carving patterns and patterns.
6).Packaging Industry: cutting and processing of plastic, wood, etc.

Application of cnc router machine cabinet making:

FAQs About CNC Router Machine:

Q: I have no idea of the wood CNC router, How can i decide which is the best CNC router for cabinet making?
A: Our sales-team will communicate with you over working requirement and provide the best instruction, You just provide further detail as follows:
1).Material of your product;
2).Dimension of your raw material;
3).drawing or product photo;
Q:How can i check the quality & working performance of the cabinet door CNC router machine?
A: You are welcomed to our factory whenever your time permits, also, you can ask your representative or partner here for you, will arrange discussion with technical team & inspection of the cutting performance. Besides, online technical service & support is available, our engineer will provide live video show around the factory and send the sample pictures and videos you want.
Q:What is the warranty time for the machine?
A: 2 years guarantee for the whole machine since delivery, during warranty period, any faulted part will be replaced for free, Not include consumables.
Q:How is the training policy for oversea customers?
A:User manual of different language venison will be sent with demo CDs & other document which will provide detailed training instructions on operation, maintenance, etc. Also, free training service can be provided. Your workers can get trained for free in our factory for 1-3 days, if on-site training & maintenance service are required, We will arrange local service within 48 hours.
Q:If the machine fails to work during use, how to do then?
A:Our after-sales team are available 7x24h for any problem during use, they will help judge the problem & provide troubleshooting via different means, including phone call, WhatsApp, Email, Skype, etc. Also, door-to-door service can be provided, if you need.

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