CNC Granite Bridge Saw Machine

Are you looking for a versatile granite marble cutting machine which is capable of cutting granite countertops, marble tile, granite slabs, etc? also, can carry out cutting works of different shapes & profiles? Here the granite stone CNC bridge saw machine is recommended for your work, stay with us fo find the best way to cut steel beam.

All-in-one marble processing solution for kitchen & bathroom countertops and other stone processing fields.

What is CNC bridge saw?

CNC bridge saw, also known as granite bridge saw, bridge saw machine, is a kind of marble stone machine for cutting granite countertops, marble tile, stone tile, ceramics, etc.

CNC bridge saw machine integrates advanced CNC(computer numerical control) technology, unique gantry design and versatile cutting functions, and can carry out different kinds of cutting works, including straight cutting, 45 degree beveling, profile cutting, etc. Also, other modules can be installed on the same machine which enable the machine with advanced functions of profiling, grinding, polishing, engraving, etc.

The CNC granite bridge saw is ideal for marble stone processing in different kinds of fileds, including home interior, kitchen & bathroom, warehouse, etc.

Features of CNC Bridge Saw Machine

1).The dedicated control system for stone industry with easy operation. drawings & programming are not required, just enter data in the control system; it can switch a variety of working modes arbitrarily, suitable for different application fields; fully automatic CNC touch computer display, real -time dynamic monitoring, multi -language One -click conversion to improve working efficiency.

2).Box structure which is welded by the industrial rectangular tube and goes through annealing treatment, high strength & good rigidity;
High precise milling by large-scale gantry machine center, the running accuracy is greatly improved and the processing errors of workpieces are reduced. The accuracy can be 0.05mm, which effectively reduces maintenance and use costs.

3).Durable tilting workbench whose tilting angle can be up to 85 degrees; the desktop is equipped with pneumatic roller, which is convenient for feeding. A variety of configurations are available to achieve a variety of processes.

4).The spindle head can swing at 360 degrees to carry out cutting of various shapes & angles arbitrarily; the high-power cutting motor can carry out speed adjustment independently according to the hardness of different stone materials to adapt to various types of materials.

5).High-precision transmission system: including Taiwan Hiwin guide rail, servo motor drive, Japan Shimpo reducer, Taiwan TBI ball screw, etc., which can improve the operating accuracy and service life of the machine, reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost to ensure the safety of operators.

6).High quality electronic components from top-rated suppliers such as Schneider, CHNT, etc., which have advanced anti -interference capabilities and stable signals, and suitable for different working environments.


ModelCNC granite bridge saw machine JSP-
X/Y/Z axis working size3200*2000*500mm
A axis stroke0-90°
C axis stroke±185°
Blade size350-450mm
Max cutting thickness100mm
Cutting accuracy±1.5mm
Positioning accuracy±0.3mm
Turning angle0-85°
Working voltage380V/3P/50HZ

Functions of Bridge Saw Machine

The machine can carry out cutting of various shapes & angles arbitrarily, such as horizontal cutting, vertical cutting, square, diamond-shaped, round, oval, arc, fan -shaped, trapezoidal, 45 -degree bevel cutting, etc.
The machine can switch different working modes arbitrarily, which is suitable for stone processing of a variety of application fields, such as bridge cutting mode, countertop mode, special-shape mode, Roman column mode, uneven mode, arc line mode, etc.

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