CNC Stone Cutting Bridge Saw Projects

Different kinds of granite stone cutting projects & samples by CNC stone cutting bridge saw machine, the bridge saw cutting machine. The CNC cutting machine takes heavy duty gantry structure with bridge saw and is a highly automatic machine that can carry out different kinds of cutting works, including straight line cutting, curve cutting, chamfering, polygon cutting, bevel cutting, etc. It is especially suitable for the processing of quartz counter tops, sinks, wash basin hole and other opposite stones, ceramics, glass and micro crystalline stone. The CNC stone cutting bridge saw machine is characterized of high efficiency & precision, and thus ideal for mass production in kitchen & bathroom, construction, decoration, etc.

Bridge Saw Stone Cutting Video

Advantages of CNC Bridge Saw Cutting Machine

1).Advanced Cutting Functions

Different application scenarios have different angles and lines of stone cutting, and rich design effects need to realize the processing and production of alien materials. The bridge cutting machine can realize the various special cutting methods of stone. It can cut the curve openings or simple short linear cutting, but also can also be cut and processed by various complex shapes.

2).High Working Efficiency

By using a bridge cutting machine, the cutting efficiency can be effectively improved. In the mass production and high -quality processing links, it can exert better functions, and to make the current stone processing production more high -end with a faster and accurate cutting capacity.

3).High Yield Rate

The cutting accuracy of the machine is high, and the operation is stable and reliable. At the same time, simple design programming and subsequent adjustment capabilities can be effectively cut according to processing requirements and corresponding methods, greatly improving the cutting rate of cutting and increasing the production efficiency of the enterprise.

4).Small Working Load & Labor Cost

The operation of the bridge cutting machine is controlled by CNC program, which is high degree of automation. With the automatic feeding countertop, it can effectively reduce the labor intensity, and at the same time reduce operators and reduce labor costs.

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